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The weather was beautiful for the last week of February but this week is very changeable! Yesterday we had sun, rain, wind, a double rainbow and strong winds all night. Right now it’s settled down and the sun is shining!

Average Temperatures

The average daytime temperature is 26 degrees C but it does go down to about 12 degrees C at night right now and it feels colder with the wind so don’t forget to bring a coat when you come over!

Also, if you want to try some Canarian cooking in the evenings, you might want to pick an indoor restaurant rather than shiver on the terrace!

In April things usually hot up and you can expect glorious sun most days with the odd cloudy day. There is very little (if any) rain in April.

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About Victoria

I am English and have lived in sunny Gran Canaria for 15 years so far! The lifestyle is great here - I do a lot of scuba diving, deep sea fishing and of course sunbathing. Gran Canaria is called "the miniature continent" because there is everything here from beaches to mountains, and lakes to pine forests.


Gran Canaria Weather in March and April — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Victoria, now I’m back from the Canary Islands!!
    Awesome vacation place!! 50% of the days were SUNNY and HOT!! Up to 26 degrees, as you’ve written!! Was very surprised by this!

    Thank you once again for ALL help you and your site has given me prior to my trip! (And thanks for finding out the taxi-number in Playa del Ingles – I didn’t need to use it – taxis were everywhere!!! :D)


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