Festival de San Antonio, Mogan

This festival takes place between 2nd and 13th June, in Mogan. The last day is Monday 13th June, so most public buildings (like the town hall, banks etc) will be closed, although it takes more than public holidays to close… (READ MORE)


Teror is a pretty little town which is found in the north of Gran Canaria and it is a suburb of Las Palmas. The municipality of Teror is named after the town of Teror where the Virgen del Pino celebrations… (READ MORE)

Santa Lucia de Tirajana

Santa Lucia de Tirajana is a picturesque village which is located in the southeast part of Gran Canaria. It is south of Las Palmas and Teide and northeast of Puerto Rico. “Santa Lucia” means Saint Lucy. There are just over… (READ MORE)


This Canarian village is located in the central west area of the island. The population is under 1500 and a lot of the municipality is covered by mountains. There are also forests, valleys, farmlands and green spaces. Pinar de Tamadaba,… (READ MORE)


Aguimes is a town near Ingenio but separated from it by the Barranco de Guayadeque ravine. This little but attractive town, which is in the eastern part of Gran Canaria, features medieval narrow streets and pretty terracotta-coloured houses. The name… (READ MORE)

San Nicolas de Tolentino

San Nicolas de Tolentino is a small town which you will find past the Barranco de Veneguera and Barranco de Tasarte, and on the other side of La Fuente de los Azulegos which is an area with green-blue rocks. The… (READ MORE)

Vega de San Mateo

Vega de San Mateo is often just known as San Mateo. The highest point of the island is found in Vega de San Mateo and that’s nearly 2000 metres up. Because of this, the area has fluctuating temperatures. It can… (READ MORE)

Playa del Amadores

Playa del Amadores can be translated to mean “beach of the lovers” which might lead you to believe it’s small and quiet. Actually, that description should be used for places like Playa de Gui Gui or Playa Ambar because Playa… (READ MORE)


Arucas is in the north of Gran Canaria and it’s a suburb of Las Palmas. Situated in the valleys and mountains, Arucas is well worth a visit. The  “Jardin de la Marquesa de Arucas” is a Botanical Garden where you can… (READ MORE)