Canary Islands Walking Holiday Ideas

At this time of year it is nice to get away for some sun and fun, and if you are interested in walking and hiking, you might be wondering what the Canaries have to offer.


Although hiking is not one of the main things the Canaries are known for, it is possible to enjoy a walking holiday because there are so many beautiful landscapes. Gran Canaria features a pine forest, various campsites, rugged cliffs and mountains. Walking and hiking in Gran Canaria can be as easy or as challenging as you like.

La Palma

The island of La Palma is another option and you can enjoy the black sandy beaches and thick forests. The volcanic landscape is exciting to explore and you can also visit the Caldera de Taburiente crater or the UNESCO Los Tilos Biosphere Reserve while you are there.

La Gomera

Another possibility is the island of La Gomera, which allows self-guided hiking while your luggage is transported from hotel to hotel. This means you can explore with just a rucksack at your own pace, and end up at a new hotel for the night with your luggage (and a hot meal) waiting there for you


La Gomera by Abrocke

There are black sandy beaches, green valleys and beautiful forests on La Gomera and if you want something quieter than Gran Canaria, either here or La Palma might suit you down to the ground.


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