Pio Pio Bar

Pio Pio is a beach bar on Tauro beach, which is one of the few natural beaches that remain in Gran Canaria. This beach is a short walk (maybe 20 minutes) from the lively resort of Puerto Rico and can be seen from the main road to Mogan.


How to get to the bar

Access to the bar and beach by car can be tricky, and you are better parking further away and walking the last distance. From Puerto Rico, if you’re on foot, follow the beach path to Amadores then continue another 10 minutes. The next beach after Amadores is Tauro beach and that’s where the bar is.

The bumpy road which passes by Pio Pio has been destroyed several times in the storms. This is why taxis refuse to drive down the road, which you need to bear in mind if you want one at the end of the night – you’ll need to walk up to the main road first.

Food and drink

This beach bar is considered to be a unique, no frills bar, which serves basic food and cheap drinks. This is part of its charm.

The menu has improved a huge amount over the years but it is still pretty basic. You will see English breakfasts served alongside traditional Canarian tapas, which makes it ideal for everyone. Regardless of your taste and budget, you will find something that you enjoy.

Sunset and music

There are two main reasons why people choose to visit here – one is the breathtaking sunsets, and the other is the live music. The location of the bar provides you with an incredible viewing platform for the best sunsets on the island. You will be able to see the highest point of the neighbouring island of Tenerife too, which is magical.


The music at Pio Pio is popular, and people of all nationalities travel to the bar to listen, dance and join in with the locals. The bar offers both live music and a DJ, who will play anything that you request. This bar is considered to be a hidden gem on the island, and you will amaze how many people visit every year.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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