Gran Canaria Romerias

The Romeria is one of the traditional customs enjoyed throughout Gran Canaria, and everyone can join in with the fun. A Romeria is a traditional pilgrimage, which every village and town will perform throughout the year.


Photo by Rafa

This fascinating Catholic celebration is amazing, and you will have an immense amount of fun if you are lucky enough to be part of one whilst in Gran Canaria.

When they begin

The celebrations start in April and continue over several months, ensuring that every village and the town has a celebration. The party will last for several days and in some places even weeks, where everyone will be part of the festivities in some way. The street parties, which take place are fun, and very traditional.

Traditional clothing

All the villagers dress in traditional Canarian clothes and encourage visitors to do the same when attending. The men and boys will wear suits, waistcoats, sashes and hats, ensuring that they look incredibly smart.

The woman will wear long, flowing colourful skirts, blouses and bonnets, and there are a number of different colours to choose from.

Food and drink

The food and drink at the Romerias is really good, and there is always plenty to sample throughout the party.

The floats that pass by will offer the people papas con mojo (wrinkly potatoes with a Canarian sauce) barbecued meat, paella and other Canarian cooking, and of course ‘ron miel’ or honey rum. You will find that the food stalls keep cooking for many hours, as Canarians love to eat.

Photo by Abhay Kumar

Floats, music and dancing

The people in the village will fill their floats with fruits and vegetables as an offering to the saints, and these are typically given to the poor after the Romeria.

Music is really popular at any Canarian party, and the locals will enjoy the music, while playing traditional instruments such as the bandurria.

Lasting, memorable experience

The size of the Romeria will depend on the place where it is being held, althought you are guaranteed an incredible time at every single event.


Canarians love to party, and they will ensure that everyone is having fun. Young and old will come out for the Romeria, and with such an incredible party atmosphere, it is difficult not to join in with everything.


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