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If you’re not interested in putting on your hiking boots and doing a lot of walking Gran Canaria is ideal for driving around. The island is relatively small and there are a variety of car hire companies in Gran Canaria, especially in Maspalomas.


I’m not a driver (I’ve had three driving instructors and they all thought I was too dangerous to be allowed on the road… but that’s another story!) but my other half is, and we used to hire a car from Autos Victoria in Maspalomas. You can find Autos Victoria around the corner from the Irish Centre, near Hotel Caserio. We paid 200 euros a month for the car, as far as I remember (this was a while back!)

You can usually haggle with car prices although they are quite cheap to begin with. If you want something tiny without air conditioning or a sunroof (not recommended for July or August when it’s about 35ºC in the shade) you can get something for 120 euros a week or thereabouts. These are the mini and compact cars, of course. For a jeep or 4×4 (good for the mountain roads) you might pay two or three times as much.

Photo by Samuel Agudiño

Photo by Samuel Agudiño

A friend of mine stayed with me when I first moved to the Canaries and she rented a Suzuki jeep – it was August and the jeep was completely open – no roof, sides or anything. It was great fun but she was a bit terrified of the hairpin bends as we drove higher up in the mountains! You’ll need nerves of steel if you want to do that route – sometimes cars come very fast in the other direction. You can also drive the coast roads around the outside of the island – that is a bit less scary 🙂

If you want to book your hire car at the airport you can choose from Hertz, Avis, Europcar and other big name car rental companies. If you have an airport transfer in Gran Canaria you won’t need this.


Car hire is not expensive in Gran Canaria and if you are thinking about car hire Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and Puerto Rico all offer various types of cars and you can compare prices and get a good deal while you’re over. Have a look at our Car Hire in the Canary Islands? post for more information about renting a car in Gran Canaria… and things to watch out for once you’ve rented it!

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  1. veronica enåsen

    hi. we are going gran canaria 31.12 we want to rent one of the old types of jeep where its open, we want it ready on the airport when landing if its possible, do you know the best an cheapest place to find one of these? can’t find any webpages that do these jeeps.

  2. Paul Bliss

    Hello, Did you mange to find an open top Jeep? We would like to rent one of these too


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