How to Get Cheap Flights to Gran Canaria

Nothing beats a holiday to the sun but some people pay a fortune for tickets and others seem to get really cheap flights to Gran Canaria – why is that?!


Well it can be a matter of chance. I had to fly home suddenly one Monday morning because my dad was in hospital. I went to Gran Canaria airport and explained that I needed to get a flight (there was only one flight a week to Exeter at the time, where I’m from and fortunately it was on Mondays!) and they gave me a flight for less than 100 euros and the seat at the front with loads of legroom 🙂 Result!

Photo by Wicho

Photo by Wicho

I remember another woman got on the plane and said, “you must have booked your flight ages ago because they told me these seats weren’t available!” I didn’t tell her I’d only booked my flight about half an hour before but it lucky anyway! Then at other times I’ve struggled to find anything for even twice that price – how come?

One thing’s for sure – relying on chance all the time isn’t going to work 😡

Flights to Gran Canaria can be expensive, firstly because it isn’t one of the main places the budget airlines fly to (at least not at the moment) and also because the airlines have to pay comparatively high tax to land at Gando (Gran Canaria) airport, so what is the solution?

Little Known Secrets of Cheap Flights

I decided to write this post after being asked about cheap flights by Clare, a good friend of mine who wants to come out and visit. She came to see me a few years ago when I lived in Maspalomas and now she wants to experience the joys of Puerto Rico where I am now. Unfortunately she could only find flights for around 200 euros which was way too much. This led me to do a little research and guess what – I found the most amazing ebook packed with secrets about how to save money. I was really impressed (and so is Clare who arrives next Tuesday!) 😎

There are too many secrets of how to get cheap flights to list here but suffice it to say there are ways of saving hundreds of pounds (or euros) if you know how to do it. People who know how to find cheap flights to Gran Canaria and other places tend to stay quiet about it because it wouldn’t do for everyone to know!

So if you want to join the ranks of those in the know and be able to afford a holiday in Gran Canaria this year (or even two) click here to discover all the secrets about cheap and discounted flights. This is one of the most informative ebooks I’ve ever read and I’m so glad I found it.

Photo by Alex Castellá

Photo by Alex Castellá

What Else Do You Get?

Not only can you find out about the cheapest flights and how to get them but you will also find out everything you wanted to know about cheap car rentals (renting a car in Gran Canaria is a great idea to explore the island – and finding the cheapest car rental is a bonus!), an insider guide to airport security including all the new laws and some great tips, as well a guide to travelling in a party or group.

Do you want to know how to find the cheapest hotels as well as the cheapest flights? You can also get an ebook about that, as well as one about the best golf resorts to stay at if you want to practise your game while enjoying some sunshine. 🙂

Make sure your photos of your holiday in Gran Canaria are as good as your memory with the digital photos tips guide as well. You can get all these ebooks for free when you get the one about how to get cheap flights. You can also get added to a mailing list for life, updating you whenever there is a new cheap flights secret that you could use to save some of your hard-earned cash.

Review of “Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights”

When I read this ebook I was pleasantly surprised by how long and in detail it is. There are more than thirty secrets about how to get cheap flights and loads more interesting information as well. There are basic tips, scams to avoid, insider secrets and what to do in specific situations.

This guide is great if you want to know which days of the week or times of the year are the cheapest to fly, whether travel agents, airlines or online flight shops are the cheapest and how to get discounts in almost every situation and scenario. This ebook even tells you how to get refunds on “non-refundable” tickets and how to get the very cheapest fares using perfectly legal loopholes and secret know-how.

The Perils of “Budget” Airlines

Something that always gets my hackles up (and you’ve probably experienced this as well) is when you find a cheap flight (think Ryanair which is starting to fly to Gran Canaria or Easyjet which isn’t) and it ends up costing the earth. Last year I flew to Holland with my boyfriend to visit his parents. We have to fly via Madrid and then on to Amsterdam, so it had to be Air Europa and then EasyJet.

Anyway the EasyJet ticket was priced at 20 euros which you can’t really complain about. However, on top of that you have to pay tax, you have to pay if you have a suitcase, you have to pay various surcharges, you have to pay by using a debit card or credit card to book online and more – and the flight ended up costing nearly 200 quid! The “Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights” book tells you how to avoid this happening and why using an airline or route you might expect to be more expensive can actually save you a lot of money.

Photo by Matti Mattila

Photo by Matti Mattila

Save Money on Flights

The money you can save off your flights is more than the few euros the book costs, making it a worthwhile investment, and you can use this knowledge every single time you fly.

Everybody likes to save money and if you can save money on your flights and hotels, you will have more to spend on things to do in Gran Canaria while you are actually there, like boat trips, souvenirs, shopping in Gran Canaria markets, sampling Canarian cooking at some of the nicer restaurants and more.

Getting cheap flights is something that not a lot of people know how to do but armed with the secrets from “Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights” you can find bargain fares from the UK or Ireland to Gran Canaria and be able to afford a great holiday to remember.


Click here to have a look at the cheap flights ebook and discover all the tips, tricks and loopholes you can use to save lots of money off your flights to Gran Canaria this year! 😎



  1. Becky @ flights

    I think you mean a holiday in the sun, not too the sun… Many of the popular destinations are cheap, but ofter crowded.That might not be an issue if your a party goer, places like Ibiza are great for meeting people and having a blast.

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    One of the best things about Gran Canaria though is you can choose from off season months (anytime except June, July, August, September and over Christmas) if you want it quiet or height of the season, depending if you want to get away from it all for a week and enjoy some peace and quiet or the total opposite! There is something for everyone. You can also choose a busy resort like Puerto Rico or Playa del Ingles or somewhere less crowded like Bahia Feliz or San Agustín.

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    The world might have more lovely beaches and more delicious-delectable shopping, but we won’t imagine where so Gran Canaria is very good place to visit here in this blog it is suggested to have a cheap fights to go there so its very good plan a holiday there.

  4. Jon

    Just been reading your interesting site, it has given me some ideas thanks 😉

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  6. Mikhal

    I have just come back from my first visit to Gran Canaria – and loved it! I flew from Exeter on Thomson Airways for £69 return – it seems to be fluke that some weeks are just very cheap (2nd Jan for instance – I’m considering it!!!!) I stayed Airbnb in the North which was fantastic (except for Las Palmas – eek!)
    Very glad to have found this site as I will certainly go back: I didn’t even get to the South and that seems to be something else entirely!

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