Gran Canaria – Which Resort is Best?

As you probably know, there are various resorts in Gran Canaria but which one is best? Well it depends on a few things. Are you looking for somewhere quiet or somewhere with a vibrant nightlife?


Are you going to rent a car or bike or do you just plan to relax by the pool or sea all day? Do you mind being in a primarily Scandinavian or German hotel or would you prefer a British one?

Meloneras by Habladorcito

The best beaches are in the south and the weather is warmer there too. There wasn’t much at all there until the 1960s, apart from quiet, sandy coves. In the north there is often a lot of wind which is nice in the summer perhaps, when it’s hot, but not so much fun in the wintertime when it’s cold (OK cold to us!)


Let’s have a look at some of the main resorts:

  • Puerto Rico: This is one of the main resorts in Gran Canaria. Familes and older people tend to like Puerto Rico, even though the fact it is built in a valley between two very steep hills can make it hard to navigate. Luckily taxis in Gran Canaria are quite cheap. There are two shopping/bar/restaurant centers in this resort, offering a wide range of food, drink and entertainment for all ages.
  • Amadores: Like Puerto Rico, Amadores beach has a good breakwater making the sea safe for swimming, which is especially good if you are taking kids. During the winter, 80% of tourists in Amadores and Puerto Rico are Scandinavians but this figure is reversed in the summer when it’s mainly Brits and Irish.


  • Meloneras: This is next to Maspalomas but a bit more upmarket. Meloneras tends to be about 75% German and 25% mixed. There is a nice beach there, a casino and lots of good restaurants. Meloneras is popular with middle-aged older couples and honeymooners.
  • San Agustin: This area is very Scandinavian in the winter and mixed in the summer. In the winter there are mainly older people around.


  • Maspalomas: You will find an international crowd at this resort and Maspalomas is quieter than Puerto Rico or Playa del Ingles. You can be in Playa del Ingles in five minutes though, if you take a cab, or twenty five minutes if you walk.
  • Mogan and Taurito: These resorts are next to one another and both are quiet and popular with couples and families.


  • Playa del Ingles: This resort is very international. There are young people in the summer and slightly older tourists in the winter. Playa del Ingles is more spread out than Puerto Rico, which has two main shopping centres. If you prefer a busy, lively place, try Playa del Ingles in July or August.
  • Las Palmas: The capital – quite far away from the south but if you want to immerse yourself in Canarian culture, Las Palmas is interesting. Take a phrase book!


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  2. boodle56

    We want to visit for 10 days in october/ November 2013 Please can you help us find the right resort in Gran Canaria? We are 2 Female Friends in their 50’s.
    We want to spend our days by the pool & Beach & shops.
    The evening we want nice restaurants & Bars, we don’t want to be surrounded with Lager louts, falling all other the place drunk & fighting with blaring music. We also don’t want the place to quiet where if shuts at 10pm. we want nice bars, with nice atmosphere. We like some entertainment, but not so loud you can’t speak etc. British visitors preferred.

  3. Richard

    Hi Victoria,
    we came across your website via another wich had a link to canarypine which is broken? does the company still exist? we are in the process of buying in Playa del ingles & are looking for some decent furniture.


  4. Sylvia

    Dear Victoria,

    My husband, I and our two children would like to relocate to Gran Canaria for the period of 6 to 12 months. My husband is working from home so we would like to try to live somewhere warm. We have two children , 2 year old Mia and 9 months old baby boy Alex. I would like to live somewhere with the nice beach area, not to far from shopping centre and somewhere where I could take my children too ( some English classes maybe?) We like to go for walks by the beach and enjoy the glass of vino. We would like to rent a house or flat with garden and the swimming pool.

    Could you please advise where would be the best for us?

    Thank you for your advise

    Kind regards


  5. Mary

    I am planning a solo trip in December to Las Palmas. I am interested in the best local markets for shoes and craft items.

    Thank you for your time


  6. GILL

    Hi we are staying at the Palm Oasis in Las Palmas. Do you know what the international mix of people there is?

  7. Cass Hughes

    My husband and I are looking to spend a week in the canaries in November, we love to eat in a different restaurant each night. We just don’t know where to book. We stayed in Puerto Dr Morgan last year which was lovely but the restaurants didn’t offer much variety. Any suggestions?

  8. Leighanne Donald

    My partner and I will be going to the canary islands in either October or November. We are in our mid 30s. We would like a nice beach within walking distance and plenty of excursions so we don’t get bored which resort would you suggest?

  9. Pamela Irvine

    Hi we are looking for best resort in south of gran canaria. CLOSEST to airport.

  10. tina

    PDI over 35 years. I have been coming to the resort since I worked for a holiday company called Global back in 82. Then centres like Chaperal showed films to enjoy with a pint. Now all I can find is EastEnders or footie – does anywhere still show films?

  11. Keith Hopwood

    We are thinking of coming to gran canaria in September 2022 but never been to this part before which resort would be the best?
    we want lots of bars and places to eat and restaurants somewhere that has lots going on all the time any advice?

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