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I am English and have lived in sunny Gran Canaria for 15 years so far! The lifestyle is great here - I do a lot of scuba diving, deep sea fishing and of course sunbathing. Gran Canaria is called "the miniature continent" because there is everything here from beaches to mountains, and lakes to pine forests.


January feels decidedly cool to us residents but even when we are walking around shivering in coats (21ºC feels cold to us!) there are sweltering tourists everywhere in bikinis and trunks. 21ºC is a hot summer’s day at home so… (READ MORE)

Welcome to The Cunning Canary!

Hi folks!! My name is Victoria and I moved to sunny Gran Canaria just over 6 years ago. I started off writing some tips about moving here for a friend that was thinking along the same lines and thought… why… (READ MORE)