The Temperatures in Gran Canaria at Christmas

First of all, if you’re going to Gran Canaria at Christmas, don’t worry about the weather. I’ve been here for nearly 11 years and I’ve never had a rainy or cold Christmas 😎 Obviously it’s not going to be 40ºC… (READ MORE)

Christmas in Gran Canaria – What’s On?

If you are going to be spending Christmas in Gran Canaria, you might be wondering what’s on. Of course, lying on the beach and sunbathing makes a nice change on Christmas day but what about Christmas Eve in Gran Canaria… (READ MORE)

October Weather in Gran Canaria

There is some bad weather in the UK and in certain parts of Europe right now, so a holiday to Gran Canaria might just be the perfect way to get away from it! Right now it’s 11pm and it’s a… (READ MORE)

The Current Temperature in Gran Canaria

This week might be a bit hot, even for diehard sun worshippers! We’ve been having temperatures over 40ºC in the daytimes (and not much cooler at night). I’m enjoying the mornings at home sitting in front of the fan but… (READ MORE)

July Heatwave

Well it’s certainly hot this week here and it’s going to get worse (or better, depending on how hot you like it!) August is going to be hotter still! It’s been 30ºC in the UK and across Europe this week… (READ MORE)

Gran Canaria Weather in March and April

The weather was beautiful for the last week of February but this week is very changeable! Yesterday we had sun, rain, wind, a double rainbow and strong winds all night. Right now it’s settled down and the sun is shining!… (READ MORE)

Winter is Coming to Gran Canaria

OK maybe I am exaggerating slightly. It appears to have dropped to about 24 degrees C in the daytime which I am sure is hot enough for most tourists lucky enough to have a holiday to Gran Canaria. For me,… (READ MORE)