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El Pajar

El Pajar is a small Canarian village just outside Arguineguin, which offers a relaxing pace of life. This small area has many residents who all enjoy the quiet beach, bars and restaurants. El Pajar can be easily accessed, although during… (READ MORE)

Pets in Gran Canaria

Pet shops in Gran Canaria are not like their British counterparts. You can buy cats, dogs and various other animals in Gran Canaria pet shops, although the 500 euros price tag for a Siamese or Persian kitten, or 700 euros… (READ MORE)

Taking Pets to and from Gran Canaria

Whether you are thinking about moving to Gran Canaria or leaving for elsewhere, you might wonder what the procedure is with your fluffy friends. I had this issue myself a while ago when I wanted to take Cleo (my cat)… (READ MORE)

Where to Go for New Year in Gran Canaria

Well, Christmas in Gran Canaria was lots of fun. OK, not so much fun for me because I was working but we did as the Canarians do and had our Christmas dinner on 24th December rather than on Christmas day… (READ MORE)