1 Star

Boston Apartments Review

The Boston apartments are located in the family-friendly resort of Puerto Rico, directly across from the main shopping centre. The rooms in the complex are clean and comfortable, with a well-equipped kitchen area. There is a main swimming pool in… (READ MORE)

Blue Star Review

The Blue Star is a cheap holiday complex located on the hillside at the top of Puerto Rico and it has nice views of the sea and beaches below the complex. There is a large swimming pool with a bar… (READ MORE)

Greenfield Hotel, Playa del Ingles

When my ex-boyfriend and I left Gran Canaria for a year to work in Ireland (long story, another time!) we visited for a week during that time and stayed at the Greenfield Hotel. Since we’d been living in the Canaries… (READ MORE)

Altair Hotel Puerto Rico

The Altair Hotel Puerto Rico is quite near the Europa Centre where I live. It’s quite basic but friendly and clean. This hotel has a one key rating and is self catering only. These are little apartments which are fine… (READ MORE)