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Agaete is a seafaring community in the northwest of Gran Canaria. You used to be able to see the “Finger of God” (rock formation) from there until we had a hurricane in 2005 and snapped it in half! Agaete is… (READ MORE)

Coffee Plantation in Agaete

Most of us love a morning cup of coffee and of course several others throughout the course of the day and if you usually cheer yourself up with a glass of sangria or another treat you associate with Gran Canaria,… (READ MORE)

Best Rural Retreats in Gran Canaria

I recently received the following email and thought I would answer it here to benefit anyone else who wants to get away from it all and stay out of the main tourist areas on their Gran Canaria trip. I’ve already… (READ MORE)


Garldar used to be the centre of the Guanche civilisation in Gran Canaria, so there are lots of archaeological ruins there. The Spanish took over from the Guanches in 1484 and the name Galdar comes from the word “Agaldar”, meaning… (READ MORE)

2013 Gran Canaria Festival Calendar

You are not likely to get bored in Gran Canaria because of all the different parties, fiestas and events taking place throughout the year. Nothing is “weather dependent” in Gran Canaria, like it is at home, because the weather is… (READ MORE)

2012 Gran Canaria Festival Calendar

When planning a holiday in Gran Canaria, it is nice to know what is going on when you arrive. Gran Canaria features all kinds of fiestas, festivals, parades, public holidays and celebrations, as you an see in the following table…. (READ MORE)

2011 Gran Canaria Festival Calendar

There is usually something entertaining going on and, if you are visiting Gran Canaria on holiday, you will want to know what events and festivals are going to coincide with your trip. The weather and climate are also important but… (READ MORE)


The Gran Canaria carnival is a brilliant time on Gran Canaria. It’s a lot of fun and there’s a great atmosphere.  Some revellers take part at the very beginning of the carnival, in whichever town it starts, and follow it… (READ MORE)