Coffee Plantation in Agaete

Most of us love a morning cup of coffee and of course several others throughout the course of the day and if you usually cheer yourself up with a glass of sangria or another treat you associate with Gran Canaria, it might interest you to know that you can buy Canarian coffee in the UK. The coffee is grown in Agaete, in the north, and exported.


Photo by Lightmatter

Coffee has been grown in Agaete since 1788 and the coffee plantation is the only one in Europe as well as the most northern coffee plantation in the world.


You can find more details here:  Sea Island Coffee and here


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  1. Janet Boehmer

    Your information was much appreciated, but I have a few additional questions. First, we were wondering the difference priceless between Gran Canaria and Lazarota of using the ferry or airplane. We are going to be in the area for about 6 weeks and will then be going to Tenerife and finally back to Gran Carania so we can return to the USA. I tried to go to one of the airlines you suggested and discovered it was in Spanish- which is going to be difficult, so info on this will be helpful. What can you tell me? Thanks!!

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