McDonalds Gran Canaria

Some people visit the island of Gran Canaria with the prospect of sampling some Canarian cooking in mind. Others only want to know about McDonalds Gran Canaria or Burger King Gran Canaria.


More people seem to fall in the middle of these categories though, enjoying the flavour of authentic Canarian cuisine on some days and wanting a quick burger or snack on other days. Every major town has a McDonalds or Burger King (usually both!) and they are easy to find.

Why the Drinks Taste Funny

A word of warning about the drinks – soft drinks in most fast food chains are made by combining a concentrated syrup (so, Pepsi syrup, orange flavour syrup or whatever) with tap water. Can you drink the water in Gran Canaria? Yes you can but it is very high in minerals and has a dreadful flavour which is why pretty much everybody buys bottled water. This doesn’t seem to be the case at McDonalds in Gran Canaria though. The drinks taste a bit strange because they are made with the local water.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed if they sold Thick Shakes in McDonalds in Gran Canaria but they don’t so I stick with water. I did order coffee once but it comes with sweetened milk. I like milk in coffee but not sweetener – is coffee with milk but no sugar really too much to ask? 🙁


If you’re in Maspalomas you will find the McDonalds at the back of the beach. There is an internet cafe next door too. In Puerto Rico it’s right next to the main shopping centre so you can’t miss it! In the Atlantico shopping centre it’s in the shopping centre itself and the same goes for practically every other shopping centre in Las Palmas.


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