37C in the Shade

Just to let you know (perhaps make you jealous if you’re elsewhere) that it’s 37C in the shade today, so if you are in Gran Canaria, please make sure you use plenty of suncream and drink lots of water! The… (READ MORE)

Yellow Alert for the Weather

After the recent sirocco (with highs of 38 degrees C) there is now a yellow alert. The meteorological office are warning about temperatures of up to 34 degrees C later in the week. This is in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura as well as… (READ MORE)

Snow in Gran Canaria – February 2011

The adverts on the TV might claim that Gran Canaria has “365 days of sunshine a year” but what about all the snow? Actually most years we don’t get any snow and, when we do, it’s just on the top… (READ MORE)

Floods in Gran Canaria

You can see from the pictures on here: how bad the flooding in Gran Canaria can get. I remember during my first ever month on the island we had a torrential downpour and the shop underneath the hotel I… (READ MORE)

Gran Canaria Weather December

Weather in Gran Canaria in December is generally better than the weather back home, which is why it is such a popular destination, especially for Christmas and New Year. Gran Canaria Xmas weather varies but in my 11 years there… (READ MORE)

The Weather Right Now in Gran Canaria

Today I woke up to 40 degrees C… even though I have to work this morning I am definitely going to make time for a dip in the sea this afternoon. 40 degrees is not unusual in Gran Canaria in… (READ MORE)

End of February Weather in Gran Canaria

So what is the weather in Gran Canaria right now? Actually it might not be the sun and blue skies you had your fingers crossed for!! There is another storm on its way, according to some weather reports. This is… (READ MORE)

Bad Weather in Gran Canaria

If you are wondering about the mid February weather in Gran Canaria you might be wishing you hadn’t! Right now we have rain, high winds and storms. There were eight metre waves crashing into Puerto Mogan yesterday (the harbour was… (READ MORE)

The Weather in Gran Canaria Right Now

Despite the freezing temperatures all over Europe and the UK right now, it was a blissful 25ºC in the Canaries today 🙂 If you are thinking about a winter sun holiday to Gran Canaria to get away from the cold… (READ MORE)