Bad Weather in Gran Canaria

If you are wondering about the mid February weather in Gran Canaria you might be wishing you hadn’t! Right now we have rain, high winds and storms. There were eight metre waves crashing into Puerto Mogan yesterday (the harbour was damaged) and there is water cascading down the mountains. Sardina del Norte was also damaged by the storm and there was some snow in the mountains but it’s melted now.


Tenerife was without power for almost ten hours yesterday too, because of the weather. While this isn’t going to last forever, it’s been one of the rainiest weeks I can remember. It’s also wet in the south of Spain, if that makes you feel better!


The boat trips from Puerto Rico and Mogan are cancelled because of high waves and rough seas. The bars are open, of course, but when the weather is like this, there isn’t really that much to do apart from visit an indoor shopping centre or find a nice bar! I’ll keep you posted on the weather. Hopefully the sun will be back soon 🙂



  1. Victoria (Post author)

    Also, the schools and university are closed because of the bad weather. Remember, the drainage system in the Canaries isn’t up to much and it’s common for the roads to turn into canals when it rains for more than an hour!!

  2. sharron

    hiya im coming over on the 28th feb do u think it will be clear by then fingers crossed xx

  3. Victoria

    I hope so!!!!! 🙂

  4. Victoria

    Today is overcast but no rain… and the temperature was about 23ºC

  5. sharron

    thanks victoria were abouts ru in gran canaria xxxx

  6. Victoria

    Sunny Puerto Rico! 🙂

  7. sharron

    wicked matey i go in donalds bar and last year fiesta i no antoniao and arina do u no them and steve the dj xx

  8. Victoria

    I’ve met them but I haven’t been in the shopping centre bars for a while. Hope you have a great holiday!

  9. sharron

    thanks victora will u if u have time to keep me informed of the weather as i dont want a cold week lol even though im celebrating my big 40 x

  10. Victoria

    Absolutely. I’ll do another weather post in a couple of days too so keep your eyes peeled. It’s in the 20s anyway Sharron, it won’t be “cold” here for sure.

  11. chris

    hi coming to gran canaria on march the 6th do you know if the weather will be better by then?


  12. Victoria

    The rain’s stopped (at last!) and it’s about 21ºC right now. A bit overcast but it should be sunny again by March, Chris, at least we’re all hoping so!

  13. chris

    thanks for your reply i hear that another storm is on its way by fri. lets hope it bypasses the iland.


  14. sharron

    hiya viky ive looked at the weather and its showing its going to be nice and sunny on the 28thfor a week is that right lol x

  15. Victoria (Post author)

    Fingers crossed!!! Today looks like a bit of rain but hopefully not. It’s still hot!

  16. Annie

    hI, can anyone tell me what the weather will be like from the the 9th March for a week? hope all the bad weather has cleared xx

  17. Annie

    Hi, can anyone tll me what the weather will be like for the the week from the 10th March? hope all the bad weather has cleared up, im sure it will be better then the floods we’ve got in the UK at the mo! xx

  18. Victoria

    Hi Annie, that’s more than a week away but hopefully it will have settled by then! It’s actually unusual to have all the bad weather we’ve had here recently. Saying that though the temperature is not cold. It’s been above 20ºC every day – T shirt and shorts weather 🙂 I should think the weather will be nice when you’re here. March is usually really good and I’d be surprised if we get more rain now. We’ve had enough already!! 😎


  19. Victoria

    I’ll keep you posted but seriously… it should be nice from now on.

  20. Teresa

    What is the weather like now please? My app says it’s only 50 degrees which is colder than the UK 😬

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