Floods in Gran Canaria

You can see from the pictures on here: http://www.hollandsenieuwe.com/blog/canarische-eilanden-overspoeld-met-regen_24707/ how bad the flooding in Gran Canaria can get. I remember during my first ever month on the island we had a torrential downpour and the shop underneath the hotel I was in was flooded up to the ceiling! The rain had nowhere to go so a lot of roads were closed as well. The drainage in Gran Canaria isn’t up to much but then it only rains a few times a year so the problem is quite rare. There has been quite a bit of rain in the past couple of weeks but fortunately the weather in Gran Canaria in February is supposed to be better with plenty of warmth and sun 😎 so if you’re coming on holiday to Gran Canaria within the next few weeks you should get good weather!


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