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Tips for Ordering Food in Gran Canaria

If you want to get the most out of your dining experiences in Gran Canaria, I can offer you a few tips. First of all, if you want to try authentic Canarian cooking you need to go to the traditional… (READ MORE)

McDonalds Gran Canaria

Some people visit the island of Gran Canaria with the prospect of sampling some Canarian cooking in mind. Others only want to know about McDonalds Gran Canaria or Burger King Gran Canaria. More people seem to fall in the middle… (READ MORE)

Tasty Canarian Tapas to Try

Some people find that when the weather is hot they don’t want to eat much and I can be that way too. Sometimes I just fancy some tapas for lunch or dinner and I find that’s enough – other times… (READ MORE)

Chinese Buffet Restaurants

Whether you are on a budget, you just like Chinese food or you like the idea of an “eat all you like” restaurant, the Chinese buffets in Puerto Rico are pretty good. They are all 5.98€. There are four in… (READ MORE)

Rhodos Palace, Puerto Rico

I have very few favourite restaurants here because most of them seem to have the same menu and use the same defrosted vegetables and offer the same mediocre quality of food (sorry but it’s true!) However, if you are searching… (READ MORE)

Canarian Cheese

If you like Canarian cooking you will probably like Canarian cheese too. There are lots of varieties ranging from the softest goat cheese to the ripest, hardest cured cheese. Canarian cheese is bursting with flavor, whichever variety you try. Canarians… (READ MORE)