Chinese Buffet Restaurants

Whether you are on a budget, you just like Chinese food or you like the idea of an “eat all you like” restaurant, the Chinese buffets in Puerto Rico are pretty good. They are all 5.98€. There are four in the bottom shopping centre and one in the Europa Centre (and another at Amadores and loads in Playa del Inglés!) 🙂


Photo by FotoosVanRobin

Photo by FotoosVanRobin

The one in the Europa Centre, Mr Wu’s, has the least amount of dishes to choose from but is handy if you are staying on the top of the hill. In the bottom shopping centre there is one tucked away on the far left as you enter from the main entrance, then there are three at the back.

My personal favourite is Si Señor, which is right at the back on top of the shopping centre. They are the most polite and have the most dishes to choose from.

Photo by MidtownLunch

Photo by MidtownLunch

For 5.98€ you can help yourself to rice, noodles, spring rolls, balti dishes (they have Indian too!), salad, prawn balls, sushi (oh – and Japanese!), beef and onions, soup and lots more. There is also fresh fruit and ice cream for dessert. As you’d expect, the drinks are not cheap so just have one or two.


If you are on holiday in Gran Canaria Chinese restaurants where you can eat what you like are great if you are really hungry. Most of them also have a menu where you can pick your own dishes. We tend to go a couple of times a month 🙂 It makes a change from Canarian cooking!



  1. kelly

    my favorite chinese buffet which i think is the best is the one on the far left my favorite meal there is beef in blackbean sauce and lovely fresh prawns the one iam talkin about has the yellow sign and is on its own

  2. Victoria

    I know the one you mean. We used to go to that one but then they charged us 4.60€ for a small glass of house red wine so we haven’t been back!

  3. Victoria (Post author)

    Oh my god I just saw this photo again and I have *such* a craving for Chinese food!!!!

  4. karen

    chineese wok above bank santander strete side of the shopping centre peurto rico, brilliant fo od, spotless, friendly, great value , with freshly cooked food to order, and all you can eat buffet for 8.98 kids re 498 family run this used to be churchills,

  5. Victoria (Post author)

    I haven’t tried that one yet – sounds good though!

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