Cita Centre, Playa del Ingles

The Cita Centre, or Cita shopping centre, in Playa del Inglés, is quite central and is worth a look.


A lot of the bars and restaurants are German but don’t let that put you off if you’re not from Germany because it’s a lively centre and there are plenty of places to eat and drink. The shops are open late too.

Cita Centre

Cita Centre

The Cita Centre is right opposite Sakura III, one of my favourite restaurants on the island. If you like Japanese food, you’ll love it! It’s much better than the Chinese buffet restaurants if you want something special but not necessarily Canarian cooking.


There is more information about the Cita Centre here:



  1. Angelus

    Somebody have to say that is many cheap ‘n ugly lap-dance clubs and gay after-hour with dark room bars. It is not a place you want to go with your kids. Besides, the whole place is way too old, with a couple of stores that worth it (grimaldi and fund grube). That’s all.

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    It’s OK for shopping in the daytime though and it’s nice and cool in there because a lot of it is downstairs so you can get out of the sun for a bit.

    There are lots of jewellery shops and touristy type shops and some people like those.

    Personally I didn’t go to the lap dance bars or gay bars! It does get a bit “adult” after dark though.


  3. DAVID

    I’m profoundly deaf 70y/o need relocate to playa del ingles for good.why I like area because easy walking around about, they have plenty gay bar and club other night clubs for gay people.they are better dark easy walking to home or hotels.good restaurants future about gay would living there one day to be lucky perhaps never know if they agree new limits .we will be happy one day at law for gay live there “gay area only”

  4. Victoria

    There are two gay-only resort complexes on the island but no gay-only area as such (apart from certain parts of the Yumbo centre after a certain time). I think Playa del Ingles is small enough without banning straight people from parts of it. You couldn’t make an area “straight area only” so why do it for gay people? Far better to co-exit happily, regardless of one’s preferences, in my opinion anyway.

  5. Eliza

    Got it! Thkans a lot again for helping me out!

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