Gran Chaparral Shopping Centre

The Gran Chaparral Shopping Centre in Playa del Ingles used to be known as the English centre. Although it still features many bars offering an English style and theme, where many of the staff are English too, the Gran Chaparral is also popular with other nationalities and this is reflected in international bars, especially Dutch and Scandinavian ones.


A lot of the Gran Chaparral bars are family-style ones where you can enjoy catching up with major TV shows, sing karaoke, watch a singer or show, or simply relax with a Sunday roast dinner and a pint. You can get a nice English breakfast at Britannia.

Rent bikes, cars, jeeps or motorcycles from the Gran Chaparral, or check out some of the shops where you can find tourist gifts. There is also a good Chinese restaurant in the Gran Chaparral shopping center.


You can find the Gran Chaparral Shopping Centre on Avenida de Gran Canaria, at the top of Calle de Noruega, and it’s open from late morning until 2am.


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