Pets in Gran Canaria

Pet shops in Gran Canaria are not like their British counterparts. You can buy cats, dogs and various other animals in Gran Canaria pet shops, although the 500 euros price tag for a Siamese or Persian kitten, or 700 euros price tag (average) for a puppy might be off-putting to some.


Animal Rescue Centres

There are also rescue centres where you can get a new pet for free or for a small donation. I got my cat from the vet in San Fernando. She was one of a number of abandoned kittens. You might like to look at TARA if you are looking for a new cat or dog. They often have unwanted or abandoned animals.

Cleo (8 years later and still just as lazy as ever!!)

Vets and Pet Supplies

Most vets speak English and I’ve used the one in San Fernando and the one in Puerto Rico. You can get pet insurance in Gran Canaria but to be honest I’ve never bothered with that and fortunately never been faced with a big vet’s bill.

You can get specialist pet food from the vet or you can get the regular stuff from most supermarkets. There are also pet supply shops in Vecindario and some other shopping centres, where you can buy dog leashes, cat litter trays, collars, and the like.


If you are interested in relocating your pet to Gran Canaria or bringing pets home from Gran Canaria, have a look at this post and the comments underneath.


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  1. Loui Henrichsen


    We have seen a very large turtle, which goes in a garden alone (I was told that the man who owns the house lives in Norway, and are not there)we gave it salad and water before we went home(to Denmark) turtle is at address C /DoresteStadium35/12(there were two numbers on the housing).PuertoRico. GranCanaria.
    I did contact the police,but I do not think that they would do something about the problem.
    Could you possibly look in to it? And maybe get it removed from the property?

    Thanks in advance.


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