San Fernando

San Fernando is considered to be for the locals so very few tourists will stay in this area of the island. However, if you take the time to explore the quaint back streets and quiet tapas bars on offer, you might be surprised.


This town is situated just behind the Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas area and offers a traditional Spanish feel throughout.

Shopping centres and small shops

There is plenty to see and do here and shopping lovers will enjoy the vast array of shops on offer. There is a small shopping centre called Bella Vista, which has clothes and shoe shops, as well as cafes and bars.

You will find that the prices are very affordable and you will be able to find many bargains. There are very traditional shops ranging from hardware stores to fruit and vegetable shops where the locals buy their produce. As you wander through the streets, you can embrace the laid-back way of life as the locals go about their daily business.

Language and local people

Throughout San Fernando, the language will be Spanish, and very few of the shop owners speak much if any English. However, they are always friendly and willing to help you, regardless of the amount of Spanish that you speak. There are several different schools, leisure facilities and government buildings in the area, and very few tourist attractions.

Visiting San Fernando can provide you with a different aspect of the island that you were previously unaware of though. The local San Fernando market is a hive of activity twice a week, and you will find local produce, butchers, flower stalls and local crafts on offer.

Photo by Azuaje

Where to stay

There are hardly any hotels in this area, and the property is more residential with cheap apartments and accommodation. If you prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, and enjoy spending time with the locals then it could be a place for you to stay. The local public transport and taxis are affordable and easy to find, ensuing that you can explore further afield.

Getting about

If you want to hire a car, be aware that parking is an issue, with very few car parks on offer. Many people find it easier to park elsewhere and then walk into town to enjoy the shops and bars.


San Fernando proves that there is a different side to the island away from the beaches and commercial centres, and you do not have to venture into the mountains or to the other side of the island to explore this traditional Canarian lifestyle.


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