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If you want to explore Gran Canaria, you have several options. There is no train system, which should not surprise you too much, considering the size of Gran Canaria. There is, however, a very economical bus system. Buses are known as “autobuses” in Spanish but “guaguas” (pronounced waa-waas) in Canarian Spanish. There are two companies operating in Gran Canaria – one does bus routes connecting Las Palmas to the rest of the island and the other covers Las Palmas itself.


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Global SU is the company who offers plenty of routes around the island and you can find more information here: This company used to be Salcai and Utensa (two companies) but they merged eleven years ago. Guagas Municipales SA is the Las Palmas bus company and they offer various routes around the island’s capital. They also have an open-top bus for tourists. You can either pay per trip or buy a 10 journey discount ticket from the bus station. See for more information.

Gran Canaria Taxis

Another option is to take a taxi. Of course, taxis are more expensive than buses but if you want to travel a short distance (for example, San Agustin to Maspalomas or Puerto de Mogan to Taurito) then it might be worth taking a taxi. The rates are different in the daytime and at night and the taxis use meters, so you can keep an eye on your fare as it climbs. Have a look here to see the average taxi fares from Las Palmas airport to various resorts.


You can easily hail taxis around Puerto Rico, Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas but some taxi drivers will refuse to let you in if you are covered in sand or dripping wet. If you want to make a longer journey than simply getting around the resort or going to the neighbouring resort, you can ask the driver if he is willing to offer a special price.



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  3. Geraldo

    Hi,just thought you all would like to know that the bus for Puerto Rico at the Airport is now right OUTSIDE the airport, and NOT across the road under the tunnel, as used to be , and to get to Puerto Rico in about 45 mins you catch the number 91 as the other buses take about two hours as they go through all the villages.We go about 3 times a year and for 6euros is alot cheaper than the steep taxi prices.While in Puerto Rico a visit to the INDIAN HEAD in the centre [second tier] faceing main road is an absolute must as the country music bar is very popular and VERY GOOD singers every night.Christmas and New Year is so much fun at this bar and there is a visit from SANTA on Christmas Eve with presents for everyone, and see the wonderful decoratoins in the bar,plus WONDERFUL hosts Audrey Jan and of course the very good sining DURHAM COWBOY.Merry Christmas to you ALL.Geraldo.[TAFFY]

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