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ExpoMeloneras Art Fair

If you are an art lover, you will be pleased to know about the upcoming art fair on November 12th 2010. This will take place at ExpoMeloneras at 7pm. Entrance is free and artists include Alvaro Henriquez, Ines Melado, Kumoki… (READ MORE)

New Monday Art Market in Mogan

An extra market in Gran Canaria has been given the go ahead by both the mayor and market councillor of Mogan. Markets are great for tourists and also for the local Canarian communities who are feeling the credit crisis pinch… (READ MORE)

Canarian Art and Crafts

There are more examples of native art and culture in Gran Canaria than in any of the other Canary Islands. If you are interested in native art, rather than the newer stuff, you might like to check out the painted… (READ MORE)