ExpoMeloneras Art Fair

If you are an art lover, you will be pleased to know about the upcoming art fair on November 12th 2010. This will take place at ExpoMeloneras at 7pm. Entrance is free and artists include Alvaro Henriquez, Ines Melado, Kumoki and Olimpia Peco.



The exhibition itself is on until December 12th but it begins on November 12th so that would be a nice evening to visit. You can find more information here: http://canariasarte.org/shop/start 🙂



  1. Linda Forde

    Hi, great site. You are a mind of info and I need to pick your brains. We have had a few great hols in GC and are coming back again at begining of April. Can you tell me if Bouche en coeur is back in Puerto Rico and doing trips. If not are there any boat trips out of Puerto Mogan (where we will be staying) that are not just booze croozes.
    Best regards

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    I have no idea Linda, this is the number I have for Bouche en Coeur: 0034-670836234.

    There are dolphin trips from Mogan, as well as the ferry which goes to Puerto Rico or Arguineguin. Do the ferry trip first though, if you are considering both (sometimes you can see dolphins from it!)

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