Pets in Gran Canaria

Pet shops in Gran Canaria are not like their British counterparts. You can buy cats, dogs and various other animals in Gran Canaria pet shops, although the 500 euros price tag for a Siamese or Persian kitten, or 700 euros… (READ MORE)

Punta Roma Gran Canaria

Punta Roma Gran Canaria or, as it is correctly spelled, Punt Roma (the circle between the two words in the logo looks like an A or O!) is one of the more popular shops in Gran Canaria. Punta Roma Gran… (READ MORE)

Gran Canaria – New Shops Opening

I tend to visit my family in the UK once a year (normally in May, to coincide with both the supposedly good spring weather and my mother’s birthday). It is also a week when I can trawl the UK shops… (READ MORE)

Christmas Shopping

You might be planning a holiday in Gran Canaria to get away from Christmas or you might fancy doing some shopping when you’re there. The shops in Vecindario and Las Palmas are open on Sundays ONLY in December. The rest… (READ MORE)

Cita Centre, Playa del Ingles

The Cita Centre, or Cita shopping centre, in Playa del Inglés, is quite central and is worth a look. A lot of the bars and restaurants are German but don’t let that put you off if you’re not from Germany… (READ MORE)

New Monday Art Market in Mogan

An extra market in Gran Canaria has been given the go ahead by both the mayor and market councillor of Mogan. Markets are great for tourists and also for the local Canarian communities who are feeling the credit crisis pinch… (READ MORE)

Atlántico Shopping Centre in Vecindario

If you are on holiday in Gran Canaria, you will probably be based along the south coast, such as in Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas or Puerto Rico. If you fancy doing some serious shopping in Gran Canaria, I recommend getting… (READ MORE)