Punta Roma Gran Canaria

Punta Roma Gran Canaria or, as it is correctly spelled, Punt Roma (the circle between the two words in the logo looks like an A or O!) is one of the more popular shops in Gran Canaria. Punta Roma Gran Canaria has its headquarters in Barcelona but there are various branches in the Canaries if you want to investigate.


The Bella Vista shopping centre in San Fernando has a Punta Roma. So does the Atlantico shopping centre in Vecindario. You can find eight more Punt Roma shops in Las Palmas – one in the El Muelle shopping centre, one in the Las Arenas shopping centre, one in the La Ballena shopping centre, one in the Siete Palmas shopping centre and then four more in various streets. The Canarians love this shop which is why there are so many of them!

More About Punta Roma Gran Canaria

Punta Roma Gran Canaria stocks clothes from sizes 40 to 54 (in English sizes that would be 12 to 26). The clothing in Punt Roma is aimed at the 40 plus age group but if you go to any of the above mentioned shopping centres you will find all different kinds of shops. My favourite is probably Stradivarius although Pimkie is good too!


You can find more information about Punta Roma (or Punt Roma!) here and more about shopping in Gran Canaria here.


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