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Afrikat Catamaran Trip

Boat trips in Gran Canaria are something that appeals to all ages. You can choose from fishing trips, dolphin-watching trips, glass-bottom boat trips or even a wonderful catamaran cruise. One of the most popular boat trips in Gran Canaria is… (READ MORE)

The Hottest Catamaran Trips of 2011

Someone recently asked me about catamaran trips departing from Gran Canaria and there are a few I know (and have sampled!) The reason why people sometimes specify catamaran trips (as opposed to boat trips) is that their design (think of… (READ MORE)

Dolphin Trips Gran Canaria – What to Expect

One of the most popular excursions in Gran Canaria has to be the dolphin trips which leave from Puerto Rico harbour and you can check out my post “dolphin trips in Gran Canaria” for my review. If you’re staying in… (READ MORE)