The Hottest Catamaran Trips of 2011

Someone recently asked me about catamaran trips departing from Gran Canaria and there are a few I know (and have sampled!) The reason why people sometimes specify catamaran trips (as opposed to boat trips) is that their design (think of a shoebox) makes them float in a stable way, so if you sometimes get seasick on boats you might like to try your hand (or stomach) at a catamaran trip.


One great catamaran trip is the Spirit of the Sea dolphin and whale tour which leaves from Puerto Base harbour. It is best to book online (just click the above link for more details and booking options) because during the busy months (ie – now!) the boat does get full.

If you are keen on fishing you might like to go sport-fishing on the Barakuda Dos sportfishing boat in Puerto Escala. For just 60 euros a day you can bottom-fish for stingrays, sharks, red snappers and more, or troll for blue marlin and tuna (depending on the season) and that includes beer, soft drinks and a simple lunch 🙂


There are a couple of other catamaran trips to choose from but if you want to see the boats for yourself, simply head down to Puerto Rico and wander around Puerto Base and Puerto Escala. There are two harbours in Puerto Rico and it’s a good idea to walk around collecting leaflets from each stall, and then you can peruse them at your leisure over a chilled sangria in one of the harbour bars until you have made your catamaran choice.

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