7 Things to Do in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

1. Hit the Beach

Puerto Rico beach is very clean and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops behind it. You are also only a short walk away from the boat trips. Amadores Beach is a 20 minute walk from Puerto Rico beach.



2. Go Shopping

There are 2 shopping centres in Puerto Rico, one called the Centro Comercial (10 minutes from the beach) and the other called the Europa Centre (5 minutes and 3 euros in a taxi). You can buy souvenirs, clothing, shoes, electronics or stock up on the sangria for a relaxing evening on the balcony. Also, try Mogan market on a Friday morning.

3. Do a Boat Trip
You can choose from a 1 hour glass bottom submarine trip, a 2 and a half hour dolphin and whale spotting trip or even a speedboat ride. If it’s overcast and not really beach weather, why not take to the sea and look at the boat trips on offer in the harbour? Dolphin trips in Gran Canaria are a lot of fun and I’ve seen whales, sharks and turtles on the trip too.

 4. Visit the Water Park
There are 3 water parks on the island of Gran Canaria and Aqua Park is in Puerto Rico. It costs 21.50 euros for adults and 16 euros for children. You can take your own food and drink (and should, because it’s expensive there!) There are plenty of rides to choose from and also a sea lion pool.

5. Have a Beer
There are dozens of bars and those around the beach and harbours offer great views. Also, you can sit outside and watch the world go by. Check how much a beer costs before you order. Some bars charge 90 cents for a pint and others charge 4 and a half euros!


6. Take a Bus Trip
Just because you’re holidaying in Puerto Rico doesn’t mean you have to stay there. You can travel to anywhere on the island by bus or even rent a car or motorcycle. If you’re feeling daring, pick a place name at random and visit! How about car hire in the Canary Islands? It’s quite cheap and you can cover a lot of the island in a couple of days.



7. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
You can buy snorkeling equipment here and snorkel on Puerto Rico beach or Amadores beach. Expect to see moray eels, parrot fish, ornate wrasse, damsel fish and maybe an octopus, cuttlefish or eagle ray if you’re lucky (there was an eagle ray in the harbour yesterday afternoon!) In Gran Canaria scuba diving is also a lot of fun. There’s a dive center in Puerto Escala which is open until 8pm most evenings.



  1. Victoria (Post author)

    Feel free to add to this list if anyone wants to!!

  2. Drew

    8. Play Golf!
    There are some great courses, including the new Anfi course near Tauro, which is one of the best.
    It can be a bit expensive, but I always take my clubs and would suggest that you look out for the ‘twilight deals’ where you can get good value for playing later in the afternoon…usually enough for 13 or 14 holes…
    Swing smooth!

  3. Victoria (Post author)

    Hmm, I think I’ll stick to mini golf!

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    i like it

  5. christa

    wat i dum nut vitoria

  6. Mabinty

    Hello every one💃🏾🌞!!Am taking a vacation to Gran Canaria in Puerto Rico with my two teenage girls, can some one help me with helpful information, like hotels or apartment with AC /Wifi pool, shopping molls beaches and restaurants not too far! we are staying for two to three weeks. Please is 3500€ enough for food and accomadition. Thanks Mabi

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