What Happened to the Summer?!

It’s usually packed here by July but… not this year!


Actually I’ve rarely seen Gran Canaria this quiet in the summer months. It is a combination between rising flight costs and package holiday costs, the appalling exchange rate (you used to be able to get a euro and a half for a pound, now it’s just over a euro) and the package holiday cheap special offers to other resorts.

There are people who come to Gran Canaria every year without fail, despite the cost or exchange rate, becaues they love it here and wouldn’t consider anything else. Then there are the ones who just want to go somewhere hot and don’t really mind whereabouts.


We’ve been quite busy in Puerto Escala, Puerto Rico on the fishing desk so I’m not complaining (maybe something to do with Barakuda Dos catching six huge marlins this week!) Perhaps things will pick up next week, with the school holidays. It is a bit strange to see a half empty beach this time of year!



  1. Paul

    I think people are forgetting, that as new resorts open up, tourists are spread far and wide, (so it only looks like IN THE OLD RESORTS that it is quiet here)

    Tour operators have pulled out of many tourist complexes in Puerto Rico and Playa del ingles, TO OFFER THE NEW RESORTS to there customers. Even though there are many fabulous new hotels in Meloneras, you will find people are coming out at night to eat in the new restaurants on the sea front, Meloneras is a very busy place, and has been all this year.
    Playa Mogan .The new Cordial Hotel, and its self catering apartments are up and running, The new restaurants on the beach here and in the port are very busy as well.

    There are only so many planes, and seats on planes available to Gran Canaria. As the tour operators offer the new resorts, so the old resorts will become very quiet. Its a case of OFF WITH THE OLD AND ON WITH THE NEW And that happens all over the world ,progress new places to visit.

    In the valley of Mogan, (SECRET gran canaria only two minutes to the beach of Playa Mogan.) In El Cercado an original little village of canarian homes, set amongst the fruit fincas, and just past the garden centre. New constructions are being built, for new homes for people who like the rural life, but also want to be near an up and coming quality resort (little venice).Playa Mogan beach and port.

    (The houses being built now are on THE ONLY AVAILABLE LAND to be built on for the moment in the valley of mogan)

    The new general plan for the area to allow further construction of homes in this area is still being worked on, and will take another two years yet to be settled.
    The new motorway extension coming through the mountains by tunnel into the valley of mogan(coming out into the valley before the start of the garden centre) Is already being worked on.
    Once the new general plan is settled and more land is released by the Ayuntamiento and the cabildo of Las Plamas, there will be more homes available, and the valley of mogan will become a sought after place to settle in. It is a VERY UNIQUE place, the only area on the island where you can live in the peace and quiet of the countryside (in a canarian village setting )yet be so near a QUALITY RESORT should you wish to have THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS here on Gran Canaria

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    You know I’ve lived here for eight years and never ventured into Mogan Valley.

    It’s still very quiet in Puerto Rico though! I suppose with the kids going back to school in a week it isn’t the optimum time for holidays. Plenty of Irish and French over right now though. Well not “plenty” but a few!!

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