The 3 Best Things About Gran Canaria

If you saw the post The 3 Worst Things About Gran Canaria you might be thinking it’s all doom and gloom here. But you’d be wrong!


The Canary Islands, and Gran Canaria in particular, have plenty to offer and I am going to attempt to narrow all these great things down to the three very best 🙂

1. The Weather

This is an obvious one. Although today is cloudy, rainy and we have 45 kmph winds, it is an exception! This might have been the coldest winter in 20 years of Canarian history but in the summer the weather is GUARANTEED!! 🙂

If you come here between May and September you WILL have a week of baking hot, blissful sunshine, light breezes or no breezes and warm, balmy evenings and you will go home with an enviable suntan!

Roll on the summer!

2. The Scenery

Gran Canaria is stunning and if you come on holiday to Gran Canaria, don’t limit your visit to the side of the pool! Read my gran canaria resorts guide and book your ticket today!

We have lakes, mountains, pine forests, beaches and plenty more. There is a reason why this island is known as the “continent in miniature” and that is because there are many different sights to enjoy.

Have you thought about car hire in the Canary Islands? Renting a car or jeep is pretty cheap here! Driving in Gran Canaria can be hair-raising too but that’s another story… 😮

3. Cheap Shopping

OK, so prices have raised since the introduction of the euro and shopping is not quite as cheap as it once was. However, it’s cheaper than back home, especially if you smoke or drink. Cigarettes are less than a third of the UK price (most brands anyway) and alcohol is a bit cheaper. With the current exchange rate, prices are perhaps a little less favourable but the exchange rate is going to go back up anyway. It’s already started to.


Clothes shopping is cheaper, especially if you get the bus to Vecindario and shop in the High Street there or in the Atlantico Shopping Centre. Alternatively, Las Palmas is interesting to visit and that’s where the locals shop. Mogan market is good for souvenirs and gifts.



  1. Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle)

    Awesome tips! Good with the cheap shopping! 😀

  2. Victoria

    Thanks 🙂

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