What is the Weather in Gran Canaria at Christmas

If you fancy a bit of sun at Christmas (and let’s be honest, most of us crave it by then!) what about a holiday in Gran Canaria?


Daily sun is not guaranteed as such but when you have a cloudy day here the next day is often nice. Also, you get some days with a few cloudy hours and a few sunny ones, but mostly you can expect sun!

The weather and climate in Gran Canaria are pretty good throughout the year in general and the weather in Gran Canaria at Christmas tends to be good.

Average Temperatures

The average December temperatures are between 19ºC and 26ºC in the daytime and you can expect 17ºC at night. The coldest I have ever experienced on the island since 2001 is 13ºC (for me that means gloves, scarf, thick coat and thermal socks but I am kind of acclimatised by now!)

You should bring long trousers and a jacket at least because if there is a breeze it will feel cooler, but I’ve been on the beach on Christmas day (and on my birthday which is January 2nd) in a bikini and been plenty warm enough.

Beach PR

Even if you do get a dull day or two, there is plenty to do, such as a visit to Mogan market, boat trips, shopping, a visit to Palmitos Park Gran Canaria and much more.The Gran Canaria nightlife is busy too over Christmas here.


One word of advice is that if you want to visit Gran Canaria at Christmas or another of the Canary Islands at Christmas, you should book well in advance. It is the busiest week of the year by far and many of the hotels are booked up weeks beforehand.



  1. Paul

    Many of the ex pats go back to britain/ireland for xmas. But i never do, what for ?when my family can come over here instead and have a wonderfull time in the sun complete with all the trimmings of an english xmas here and gain the benefits of the sun building the health up to ward of the flue in england over the winter there. I am aclimatised now so do feel the difference in temperatures,but at first i didnt, I went to las Palmas at xmas the first year i was here in my shorts and T shirt, and could not understand why people there were in woolly clothes at night. So holiday makers really get the benefit of the climate here on the short time they are here.
    Between about 5.30 and 9.30pm we have what is called as the trade wind coming up from the sea. where it is blowy in the wintertime but then it dies down and the heat comes back.I really cant think of anything better than being here at xmas having xmas dinner outside, no worrying about the weather to visit people, or the state of the roads for travelling. Here it is a totaly stress free xmas that you can really enjoy because of the weather here, you can just relax and enjoy it all.
    Apartments do get booked up very early for xmas here with the tour operators but there are many private apartments/houses that you can also rent on a do it yourself holiday, and they have many other benefits like washing machines, dishwashers, hairdryers,ironing boards and irons and sattelite tv,videos, music centres, books,all like home from home,makes you feel very comfortable everything that you have in your own home. I would recommend a xmas here to anybody to break up the winter for themselves back in england or ireland.In fact i think that everybody should get out of the bad weather for a break, when they can from november to march.even just for health reasons.As we are the fortunate islands, the most healthiest climate in the world so the nasa scientists say.

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    Great post, Paul, it’s very true about the acclimatisation!

  3. Guenter

    We are off to Playa del Ingles for Christmas and one thing my partner doesn’t want to miss is her traditional english Christmas Day Dinner. Can anybody recommend a place to go? Do we need to book before we get there (20th Dec)? Any help would be appreciated!!!

  4. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Guenter, it is best to book when you arrive or perhaps the next day. Several restaurants offer a traditional Christmas dinner, including the bigger hotels. I am assuming you are not all-inclusive, so you have the choice of several restaurants.

    The Barbacan (http://www.barbacan.es/) offers Christmas dinners, as does Big Ben in the Jardin del Sol or the Red Cow restaurant. Can’t think of any others right now!

    The best thing to do might be to ask your rep when you arrive. Reps always know the best places for Christmas dinner! I live in Puerto Rico and have not had Christmas dinner in Playa del Ingles for a number of years.

    Hope you find somewhere nice to eat and enjoy your trip!!


  5. Guenter

    Hi Victoria

    Thanks for your reply. One thing I have found out is that Google is really watching your site. Trying to find some info about the restaurants you mentioned, I typed ‘red cow playa del ingles’ into google. I found quite a few good reviews but no website for the place or pics to see what it is like – but my post which was only earlier today is already on the second page of the results – they are very quick indexing you!

  6. Victoria (Post author)

    Yep, Google loves us!!

    I can’t find any websites for those places either – oops! The best thing to do though honestly is to ask your rep on the day you arrive. He or she will be able to recommend a couple of places. Alternatively you could have a walk around. Restaurants doing traditional Christmas dinners in Gran Canaria will be advertising the fact.

    If I find out nearer the time (it is still October after all!) I will definitely let you know, Guenter. Last year I had a wonderful meal at Bistro Frere in Puerto Rico but it’s sadly shut down so I don’t know where I’ll be going this time! I will be working in the daytime though and eating Xmas dinner in the evening.

  7. Patty

    I am widowed and fancy a week away over Christmas. There’s a good all inclusive deal at the Continental Playa del Ingles. Will I be OK here on my own or feel like the proverbial fish out of water? I am sociable and extrovert so don’t normally have a problem. Just don’t fancy a family Christmas this year!!

  8. kelly

    hello we are coming to gran canaria for Christmas and new year we have 3 children aged 10 and 7 we have booked our flights but haven’t got a clue which resort to stay in Puerto rico or playa del ingles ??

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