Christmas (Navidad) in Gran Canaria is interesting because it’s very different to being at home! The Canarians eat their traditional dinner on the evening of 24th December and 25th is a bank holiday here. There are plenty of places if you want a traditional British Christmas dinner but it’s best to book in advance because a lot of restaurants get full early on.


If you go to Veneguera on Christmas evening (about 5 euros in a taxi from Mogán) you can see a Nativity play. It’ll be in Español but I’m sure you already know the jist of the story!! There is a procession on 5th January which is fun for the kids (probably because they know they’ll be getting prezzies the next day!)

 Las Canteras 

The Canarians used to exchange gifts on Kings’ Day (6th January) but with so many ex-pats living here they give some on Christmas Day (else it isn’t fair if the Canarian kids have to wait until 6th January when the British ones have loads of new things on 25th December!)

The traditional meal is meat or fish and there is a pastry filled with sweet potato which is common here too. There is also a traditional Canarian Christmas soup, made mostly of chicken, garlic and goat cheese. And, of course, lots of vino and cerveza!!

It tends to be quite busy here in December and January because loads of people like to get away from it all and relax in the sun. It’s normally quite warm too and lying on the beach or by the pool is possible most of the days in those months.

Xmas Tree
Photo By Pcesarperez


I used to DJ over Christmas and on New Year’s Eve (and got normal pay – grrr) so now I work on a fishing trip desk I can have the time off and relax! The crew don’t like to fish on Christmas day (hangovers!) so what about Boxing Day fishing? If you’ve never spent the festive period away from home, you ought to try it – it’s loads of fun! A Gran Canaria Christmas Day will be something special to remember.


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  1. Paul

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    Truly fabulous voice. Will sing for you POP as well.
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