7 Things to Do at Christmas in Gran Canaria

Christmas in Gran Canaria is not like Christmas in the UK. Having experienced more than 10 Gran Canaria Christmas days, I can let you in on 7 things to do at Christmas in Gran Canaria (that you can’t do at home!)


So read on to discover what Christmas in Gran Canaria can offer you:

1. Hit the Beach

The first one has to be the most obvious. Can you sunbathe on the beach in the UK on Christmas day? Even if it was sunny (which it isn’t usually) you would probably end up in the local hospital with hypothermia, so this isn’t recommended.

If you think that lying on a sunny beach on Christmas day sounds fun, you would be correct. And you can choose from busy beaches with a great atmosphere, quieter ones or even secluded beaches if you want to get away from  the festivities altogether.

Photo by El Coleccionista de Instantes

2. Experience a Christmas Gran Canaria Style

Many people do the same thing every year at Christmas back home (your family this year, the in-laws next year etc) so if you’re tired of the same old thing every year, why not celebrate Canarian style? This means your Christmas dinner will be served on the evening of 24th December (hooray, a whole day earlier!) The Canarians don’t give their gifts until 6th January though so you might want to ignore that bit!

3. Enjoy Canarian Christmas Traditions

Lots of houses have typical Christmas cribs and nativity scenes in windows and town squares, and there are carol singers too. You will also find handicraft fairs and a number of open-air concerts during the festive season.

4. Save Money

Save money? By buying a holiday? Er, how did I work that one out, you might be wondering. Well, think about it. How much do you spend on an average Christmas at home?

First you have to buy presents for five, ten, maybe twenty people. You will probably end up buying a huge turkey (even if there aren’t that many of you to eat it) as well as all the trimmings. Then there are the decorations for your home, Christmas cards … the list goes on and on.

Most people spend hundreds (and some spend thousands) at Christmas. But if you go to Gran Canaria for Christmas all you have to pay for is the holiday itself, as well as your food, drink and entertainment. But if you book an all-inclusive package that’s all you have to spend! So you can chill out, knowing that all your food, drink and accommodation is paid for.

Photo by El Coleccionista de Instantes

5. Relax – There is No Stress!

More people have meltdowns over the Christmas period than any other time of the year. Another thing you can do at Christmas in Gran Canaria that you might not be able to do at home is relax.

I don’t mean get up at 4am and start preparing the turkey, trimmings, wrapping up last minute gifts, panicking that you haven’t invited so-and-so, panic a bit more and then finally relax at about 11pm when it’s finally all over. I mean sleep until you feel like it, unwrap your gifts that you have brought along (or even don’t bother) and chill out. For the whole day. No cooking involved and certainly no stress!

The Canarians like to celebrate their Christmas on 24th December and they view 25th as a public holiday, so you can relax all day (don’t worry, there will be bars and restaurants open as usual). Are you tempted yet?

6. Book a Fun Outdoor Activity

Do you fancy a dolphin trip on Christmas day or a fishing trip? What about a jeep safari or hiring a car to see the island? The weather is usually mild around Christmas – in the low 20s (although sometimes it can be mid-20s or more) so if the sun is shining why not take advantage of that and do something outdoors?

Some activities are closed on 24th and 25th December but some things are open, and everything reopens on Boxing Day. You can talk to your rep when you arrive about what might be open during Christmas Day on Gran Canaria.

7. Just Get Away from it All

You can never truly relax at home over Christmas. By 25th December you’ll probably be sick and tired of the Christmas music that’s been playing in the shops since mid-October and the Christmas cards arriving from people you’ve forgotten to send cards to (send them a Canarian postcard instead – make them jealous!)


Photo by Jam Adams

There are other tourists in the Canaries at this time of year (most of whom want a relaxing break, just like you) so leave behind the commercialism, the stress and the headaches that normally accompany this time of year and while away your time on Amadores, Puerto Rico or Playa del Ingles beach, enjoying the warm sun and refreshing sea, and not missing the stress or cold temperatures back home. Sounds tempting doesn’t it? 8)


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