Gran Canaria Christmas 2008

Christmas in Gran Canaria is very special and a lot of people come every year. Actually, if you are thinking about coming for Christmas holidays in the sun, you might like to book now because a lot of the hotels in Gran Canaria get very full over Christmas and that’s when the prices go up!


Photo by Pcesarperez

Photo by Pcesarperez

The Christmas traditions in Gran Canaria are very enjoyable and you can see Canarian cribs in the town squares and houses and hear carols being sung. The main streets are decorated with Christmas lights and on January 5th, which is Epiphany, you can see the Procession of the Three Kings. This is also called Dia del Reyes and it’s when the Canarian children get their presents.


There are traditional handicraft fairs and open air concerts in December in Gran Canaria which are great to watch because the weather is warm and it’s nice to enjoy open air activities in the middle of the winter.



  1. Paul

    I love christmas here, I am looking forwards to visiting Triana in Las palmas to do my christmas shopping, once all the street lights are up and on. Triana is a pedestrianised shopping area, there is even a Marks and Spencers there. And an irish bar/restraunt, there are little streets going off the main pedetrianised area all full of shops and cafe s, the hot chestnut men will be there as well, buskers all over to watch. I always go for 4.30pm all the shops as usually are, are open till 9.30pm. At the end of the street the church will all be lit up and open so everyone can join in the service.
    There are also craft fairs as well at christmas at the end of the street just past the church. Its such a wonderfull atmosphere there doing your christmas shopping and being able to walk about in the street to do it . How could i ever miss christmas in england with all thats on offer here in Gran Canaria, without the bad weather and travel problems. Truth is I have never missed england at all not even at christmas.

  2. Paul

    There are some people who dont like christmas at all and just want to go away out of it all.

    Well here is the answer for those people.
    Come to Gran Canaria anyway,for the wonderfull weather, but stay in,
    La Aldea de San Nicolas.

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