Restaurant Gaucho Playa del Ingles

One of the Best Gran Canaria Restaurants


If you like good food, El Gaucho in Playa del Ingles is a fantastic restaurant! When I lived in Playa del Ingles I often went with my boyfriend for special occasions because the food is great and so is the atmosphere. In the summer they roll back the soft roof so you can see the stars and get plenty of fresh air (well, it’s cheaper than air conditioning I suppose!)

Where is it?

You will find El Gaucho between the Metro centre and Kasbah centre, near the church, and it’s quite a big restaurant so you don’t need to make a reservation.

What’s on the Menu?

El Gaucho is famed for its Argentinian steaks but you can also find chicken, fish and seafood dishes. And some very good examples of Canarian cooking. It isn’t especially expensive but it is a great place. Sometimes they have live music too but they keep the volume low so you can talk at a normal volume too.


Especially recommended are the creme brulée and the cocktails! And El Gaucho is only 2 minutes from the commercial centre so you don’t have far to go afterwards to enjoy the rest of your night out.


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