Gran Canaria Christmas 2009

You might not be thinking about Christmas yet. It is only the beginning of November after all. 🙂


However, Christmas day is only 46 days away so if you are toying with the idea of spending Christmas in Gran Canaria, you’d better get something booked!

Christmas in Gran Canaria is very special and you can see the Christmas lights in the streets and if you are here for Epiphany, which takes place on January 5th, you can see the Kings’ Day procession too.

Christmas lights in Maspalomas

Photo by Pcesarperez

Kings’ Day

Kings’ Day, or Dia del Reyes, is when Spanish children get their Christmas presents, and it is called Kings’ Day because Santa Claus doesn’t visit Gran Canaria. The three kings bring the presents instead.

You will also find an assortment of open air concerts and handicraft fairs over Christmas in Gran Canaria and, because Christmas and New Year in Gran Canaria are one of the busiest times, all the bars and restaurants will be open for business.

Christmas Weather in Gran Canaria

The weather in Gran Canaria in December isn’t too cold, at least not by northern European standards. I’ve been sunbathing on Christmas day in Gran Canaria before (yes, without getting hypothermia!) If a 20 degrees C sounds good to you, why not consider spending this Christmas on the beach, relaxing with a sangria! That’s what I’m going to be doing anyway 😀


That’s not a guarantee that every day will be sunny, of course, and sometimes the sea isn’t as calm in December as it is in July or August, so you might want to invest in some seasickness pills if you plan to do a dolphin trip or a spot of sea fishing.



  1. Badger

    We visited Playa Del Ingles 2 years back in December and the weather was ok but not great. We were told to visit Puerto Rico. We did so last December and discovered that it is further south and therefore about 5 degrees warmer and much less cloud…
    We’re booked to go back this December on the 14th…counting the days already…

  2. missymoos mum

    Hi, I am visiting Playa Del Ingles at the beginning of December 2009, and I know its not going to be roasting hot, but am hoping for flipflops and sunglasses weather at least! I’m not fussed if the resort is much quieter than in the summer months, as long as there are some quality bars and a bit of nightlife as I will be celebrating a milestone birthday whilst I’m there. Any tips or advice on where to visit to have a great night out? Daytimes will generally be spent relaxing but would definitely like to have some memorable nights out when I’m away from the English 9-5!

  3. Victoria

    Hi guys, I’ve now spent 10 Christmases in Gran Canaria and each one has been sunny! 😎

    It’s true that Puerto Rico is usually 5 degrees or so warmer than Playa del Ingles. You have a good chance of some or most of your days being shorts and flip flops weather.

    December is always a risk because it’s one of the coolest months but if you’re happy to wear shorts and sunglasses if it’s 23ºC you should be fine! 🙂

  4. Victoria

    The beginning of December is pretty quiet but head for one of the commercial centres and there will be open bars and restaurants. Christmas itself is incredibly busy.

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