Weather in Gran Canaria

A Summary of the Weather in Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria is said to have one of the best climates in the world and, having lived here for so long, I can heartily agree with this! Occasionally we get rain but it tends to be short-lived rather than torrential. Sometimes we get breezy days but the breeze is often refreshing. You might think it gets boring living with long, sunny days all the time but actually it’s heavenly.

Gran Canaria is subtropical and the average daytime temperature in the winter is around 20ºC whereas the average temperature in the summer is around 30ºC. The seasons kind of merge into one another, unlike in cooler countries where the summer is very hot and the winter is very cold. For example, if you visit in December or Jan, you might have a few overcast days or you might have a hot, sunny week.

There is lots to do in Gran Canaria, whatever the weather. The balmy spring and summer days are wonderful for fishing, strolling along the coast paths, dolphin watching trips, relaxing on the beach or horse riding. If you do happen to get an overcast day, that might be a good time to explore one of the many shopping centres or visit Las Palmas, the island’s capital.


Four Seasons in Gran Canaria Weather in Gran Canaria each month

For details on current weather in Gran Canaria you should check with the Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (if you can read Spanish) or the Weather Underground for an English approximation!



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  6. mary stonebridge

    Hi we are staying in maspalomas on the 8th jan 2012. we have hired cycles in the past from a shop in playa de ingles. we would like to again but will be staying for 18days and the normal rates will be to high.we were bringing our own but decided it would be to awkward with the amount of other luggage we would have with us. is it posible to buy to second hand bikes for that period and then sell them back. Happy New Year mary.

  7. Michelle

    Hey, thanks for you site!

    I´m thinking of relocating to Gran Canaria this winter. I´m interested to know if there is any surf? & many surfschools as that´s who I´d like to work with. I´m no big wave rider by any means! So maybe you have some nice little peelers there…? Or maybe your to protected to pick up much swell? Any swell & surfschool tips would be great.

    Thank you!

  8. Daz rea

    Hi, ….. My wife and I are travelling to Puerto Rico towards the end of January 2013 for a weeks holiday.

    What kind of temperatures are we likely to expect, and is it sunbathing weather ?

    This will be our first time holidaying in Gran Canary, and hopefully will not be our last..!!

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Daz Rea ( Northern Ireland )

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