March is slightly warmer than February and the sun rises earlier and sets later. There is something really magical about enjoying a sangria whilst watching the sun set over the dunes of Maspalomas! You will probably still need a lightweight jacket if you plan to go out in the evenings. The temperature drops to about 16ºC at night. Sea temperature is fairly constant all year and is about 20º or 21ºC. If you don’t like extreme heat, March might be a nice time to visit. 



Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is when there holy relics and sacred icons are carried in processions through the streets. Most towns and villages are involved and this takes place the week before Easter. The Las Palmas Opera Festival is on from February to June. The Maspalomas Carnival is also on in March and features a Drag Queen competition. The weather can be overcast for a couple of days in March so you could pay a visit to Crocodile Park or Palmitos Park, if it isn’t beach weather. Palmitos Park has a botanical garden, aquarium and loads of wild animals! Cocodrilo (Crocodile) Park is the biggest crocodile park in Europe. Great if you have kids!



  1. beth

    your website has been so helpful.
    im coming on holiday on the 19th march for a week, do you recon it will be sunbathing wheather and sunny enough to get a tan? i am staying in puerto rico
    hope you can help, i worry itl be cold!

  2. Victoria

    Hi Beth, March can be changeable but it should be low to mid 20s and you ought to get a tan. I can’t promise anything though. Every day being hot isn’t guaranteed like in July or August so bring something with long sleeves in case some days are cooler but bring your bikini and sun cream too!

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