October Weather in Gran Canaria

There is some bad weather in the UK and in certain parts of Europe right now, so a holiday to Gran Canaria might just be the perfect way to get away from it!



Right now it’s 11pm and it’s a pleasant 24ºC outside 🙂 After the baking hot summer we have had, this is actually quite refreshing! It was quite breezy today but on the whole the weather is great right now, so if you’re heading over soon for a holiday… pack shorts and tee shirts!



  1. rue

    it will be my 1st time to grand canaria,puerto rico for a holiday at the end of october,could anyone please tell me what the weathers likely to be like,will there be any sun?..thanks.

  2. Victoria

    Hi Rue,

    There is sun nearly every day of the year in the Canaries and October tends to be warm – maybe 21 or 22 degrees C and sunny, sometimes you get colder days but sometimes it can be a lot warmer.

    Bring a jacket or sweater just in case or for the evenings but it will be nice in the daytimes and you will go home with a suntan.


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