What is the Time in Gran Canaria?

Although Gran Canaria is just off the coast of Morocco, North Africa, and part of Europe (well, in some ways), you might be surprised that the time in Gran Canaria is the same as GMT. This means it is the same time in Gran Canaria as in Britain or Ireland, and one hour behind western Europe.



The clocks go forward and back (spring forward, fall back!) on the same days as they do in the UK. Because Gran Canaria is much further south and closer to the equator though, don’t expect very light mornings or nights. It is often dark by 7pm. In the UK it can be light until 11pm in the summer, but it’s not like that in subtropical places. You get about 11 hours of daylight per day in Gran Canaria (most of which is sun, hooray!) 8)

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