Winter is Coming to Gran Canaria

OK maybe I am exaggerating slightly. It appears to have dropped to about 24 degrees C in the daytime which I am sure is hot enough for most tourists lucky enough to have a holiday to Gran Canaria. For me, that involves wearing a fleece in the morning and evening and putting my fluffy socks on when I get home!


Also, as you probably know, the clocks are going backon Saturday so dusk will come quicker. Summer this year in Gran Canaria was very hot so I am looking forward to a cool (well, for us anyway!) winter! Here are a couple of photos of the wintry sky this morning:

The Canary Island climate is mild or warm usually but this time of year it is common to have cloud overhead in the mornings, which burns off by the afternoon. You will still need to wear sun cream even if it doesn’t seem to be all that hot. Looking out my window now, the sun has just come out and it looks like it’s going to be a nice day!

Advertisements is a good website for finding out what the weather in Gran Canaria will be like for the week. It’s in Spanish but “prob. precip.” means likelihood of rain, “viento” is wind and “indice” is the UV index. This website seems to change a bit every day but you might like to print out the week ahead before you come to give you an idea of which days to plan your sunbathing and which to plan boat trips in Gran Canaria, a visit to Palmitos Park Gran Canaria or some other excursion such as shopping or a trip to Mogan Market.


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