The Indian Head bar, Puerto Rico

The Indian Head is one of those bars I’ve walked past many times and never ventured inside! When it comes to bars Gran Canaria offers a fair bit of variety and this bar looked a bit different from the outside. It was totally different on the inside too – few bars here have red carpeted walls, American Indian photos all over the place and sculptures of American Indian heads! I visited with my partner Mike and we decided to have a drink there, despite Sitting Bull and Custer frowning down at us from a huge painting.


Photo by Sidehike

After getting our drinks, we decided to sit at the bar but soon began to see a lot of cockroaches crawling around! I also spotted a mouse dart inside across to the stage! The toilets are labelled as “squaws” and “braves” (possibly confusing to the current Scandinavian clientele) and they were very clean.

I left the “squaws” and went back to the bar area where the air had become decidedly frosty. The previously friendly barmaid deposited our un-asked for bill in front of us and Mike explained that he had asked the barmaid how come there were so many cockroaches in the bar!! That question obviously went down like the Titanic.


The prices were reasonable, the bar is interesting and there is live music from 10:30pm every night. If you are going to be in Gran Canaria at Christmas, you might want to try this bar for a change. The Indian Head is located on the first floor of the Puerto Rico Commercial Centre so if you fancy a different kind of night and the company of older people (and you don’t mind small wildlife) pop along for a drink. But don’t mention the roaches.



  1. Simon & Wendy Cox

    Have been to Puerto Rico 9 times and the best pub to visit has got to be The Indian Head. We have been there with friends and made new ones there also. One man you have to meet and listen to is “Charlie Scotland” who is a great friend of all the locals. Hes the best. All the staff are wonderful and we never saw one roach..Unlike other people (they were probably under the tepee ha ha) who mention them in recent comments. Fantastic place..See you in March 2011.

  2. Geraldo.Alias Santa Clause. [Him with the big beard]

    Hi.I have not to long ago got on the internet,and just getting used to it so i decided 2 have a browze at different things,and i wondered if anything about the INDIAN HEAD was on it.To my amazement i came across these comments,and i just had to make my comments.Ihave been going to the Indian Head since it opened about 13/14 years ago,sometimes twice a year. I used 2 go with the wife and friends,but now go only with my friends SHEILA AND KEITH .What an amazing place,VERY VERY clean and Dennis,Audrey and Jan are also amazing people.In all the years i have been going there i have NEVER seen a drinks receipt, or a cockroach and i should know,we have had our fair share 2 drink in the Indian Head over the years,just ask Sheila, as we have 2 escort her home people we meet year after year are fantastic,and VERY good singers and good company just as is Dennis.We all would not keep going back if there was so much wrong. Puerto Rico will not be the same when they all decide 2 call it a day.By the way the decorations in the bar at Christmas are second 2 none, the best in P R, what hard work must go into putting them up.I just hope NOTHING changes in the future,and will be back again to this very clean and well run BEST bar, at Christmas.Best wishes to all who may read this,from a very HAPPY Indian Head regular.LONG LIVE THE INDIAN HEAD.

  3. Victoria (Post author)

    Thanks for all the comments, folks, keep them coming 🙂 I guess we must just have picked a bad night to visit!!

  4. gillian,john b's wife

    we’ve been going to puerto rico for around 11 years,we always go to the indian head every night as it makes our holiday,never ever had a bill for our drinks,never seen a roach in the bar,from the very first night we’ve always thought how clean it is,we’re always made welcome by dennis audrey and janet,we wouldn’t go anywhere else the people are always friendly, john loves to sing in the there,once again it makes our holiday special. gillian&john b.

  5. sandra

    see ya all soon !just booked to go back in march.Had to cancel january trip I’d had an accident.Looking foward to it soooooo much.You should be able to get it on perscription cos it makes you feel great.Luv to you all at the Indian Head.Sandra xx

  6. Robbie

    Fabby, only back 9th ;an. It simply the best, staff as usual were great. Take care. X

  7. michael

    Just booked up for a week in Puerto Rico from 7th May and I can’t wait to get back to the best resort in the Canaries ……and of course, the best bar in town (by a Mile!) ….. the one and only Indian Head!

  8. alan penrose

    hi does anyone know when the indian head bar will be closing for holidays this year

  9. Glen

    hi alan Audrey and Dennis are back in Gran Canaria and the bar is open tonight 5th May until 17th July when it closes for the summer and open again in September

  10. alan penrose

    thanks glen when do they open again in sept we was coming on the 12th sept do you think they may be open by then
    regards alan

  11. Glen

    yes they return end of august and will be open from 1st week in september. Have a wonderful holiday I will let them know.

  12. Geraldo.Alias Santa Clause[Him with the big beard

    Hi to every one that may visit the Indian Head at the end of October and begining of November.Here is a SERIOUS hazardous warning.Shiela Bufton will be going to Peurto Rico.And no doughtWill be in this VERY POPULAR bar MOST nights throughout the two weeks stay. [BE WARNED].But having said that we all love her VERY MUCH and look foreward to being with her,as she is such good fun, and the the most kind hearted person on the planet.Not forgetting Keith,as he is not a bad bloke either.Look foreward to seeing you all in October and again at Xmas.[CAN’T WAIT].XXX

  13. jim boylan

    going to indianhead 12 years 3times ayear never saw areceipt so clean.audrey janet denis fab people, fab crowd.jim swinging doors peggy ireland

  14. jim boylan

    17 sept we will be there looking forward to to fab place fab people your reply audrey was perfect lv jimmy wrinkle

  15. Willie and Anne

    Just back from our hols . Spent every night of hols at The Indian Head, as we did on our previous visit a few years ago. Enjoyed the company of Jimmy and Peggy, Rita, Markie , Lynn and Co. from Scotland and the wonderful Dolly. Hope to see you all again , thanks again to Audrey, Janet and Denis.
    Willie and Anne, Ireland

  16. jim boylan

    just back denis audrey janet great,gang from scotland fab.we had great craic with anne and wille lovely to everybody jimmy and peggy

  17. rooster cogburn

    Indian head rocks.only wish evryone else enjoyed my billy jo spears as much as i did. cant get tickets for glen cambell at salford or york bummer

  18. bea

    what a load of rubbish you have written about the indian head peurto rico if the bar is’nt your type of thing then don’t stay the nicest people you could meet in peurto rico are janet audrey and dennis i have been going to peurto r. for at least 13yrs your comment are so negative , the bar has regular customers who come back year after year before you make the comments speak to the customers first ask them how many cockroaches and mice they have seen. thanks janet audrey and dennis for many a great nights entertainment.see you in march

  19. Victoria

    If you bothered to read the post properly you will see we didn’t stay very long. The comments are not all negative either and my post was a FACTUAL account of the visit. I don’t need to “ask the customers how many cockroaches or mice they have seen” when I have my own pair of eyes either.

  20. alan penrose

    this has been going on for 3 years now i have been in the indian head many times great staff,great atmosphere and clean bar. now many people have had there say and Victoria has had her say can we now call it a day and get on,i,m sure there are other things to comment on in puerto rico

  21. Victoria

    I answer the posts that are made. This “Bea” decided to call my report “rubbish” as recently as this morning, so I chose to reply to her. If people decide to call me a liar then I will continue to reply. Others can make up their own minds. I’m glad the bar’s cleaned up its act and I neither have nor ever had anything against the owners who I don’t even know. I’m thrilled to have 70 replies on my original post though. Thanks guys 🙂

  22. sheila and keith bufton

    just back from another super holiday in puerto rico, man was it hot, had to go to our favourite watering hole each night to quench thirsts, the indian head of course were they can cure all ills,!!!aud den and jan you are the best medicine for all, the welcome and excellent entainment we get whilst there is so GOOD. we love you, looking forward to being back home there in 6 weeks. brrrr its so cold here, x x x

  23. Margaret

    Found your comments regarding the Indian Head
    What planet are you on?
    The best bar in Puerto Rico
    Full f laughter fun and song
    If you took time to study the Indians
    who frown down at you from the wall
    You’ll find that they are beautiful cross stitch
    Sure they, are not paintings at all
    Created by the lovely Audrey
    with great care by her own fair hands
    Folks flock there to admire them
    They come from different lands
    I think that the Scandinavian Clientele
    Who to me don’t look very confused
    Those i know speak English fluently
    I’m sure they know what loo to use
    When Dennis sings his country songs
    with a voice a gift from God above
    People flock there, for a song and a dance
    to a place overflowing with love
    Sorry i missed the night that you speak of
    ‘I’m sure friends came from far and wide
    As Dennis sang and people smiled
    The night the mouse danced withe roach in the grime ha ha
    Sure the air it could not be frosty
    with the lovely Janet behind the bar
    It wouldn’t be a holiday in Puerto Rico
    without a visit to the Indian Head Bar

    Love to Denis,Audrey and Janet, miss you
    Margaret x

  24. Margaret

    it irritates
    those who
    wish to
    destroy you!

  25. Dave & Marian

    Hi we are really looking forward to our visit in May. The Indian Head is the friendliest bar on the Island & we can’t wait to catch up with Denis, Audrey & Janet. Does anyone know if Dolly has visited recently? Will she be their in may & is she still performing in London- a wonderful lady with that star quality. Love Dave & Marian (Cheltenham).

  26. jim boylan

    willi indian be open in june love jimmm=y and peggy

  27. glen

    Yes it’s open from may till 2nd week in july

  28. Alan Penrose

    does anyone know if and when indian head will be closed during 2012

    regards Alan

  29. glen

    Hi Alan its closed at the moment but reopens next week. Then closed from 3rd week in July till the end of August.

  30. Dave & Marian

    Hi it’s Dave, Marian & daughter Kim are coming out on the 8th October, hope you will be open & it will be great to catch up.

    Does anyone know if the lovely Dolly still singing at the Indian Head?

    Bye for now xxx

  31. jim boylan

    going over in march could you tell me is indian head still goin lv ya jimmy peggy

  32. Martin McCulley

    Still going strong Jim. St Patricks week is a good time at the Head Regards. Martin

  33. jim boylan

    thank you very much martln hope to see you there some time jim

  34. Annette

    My brother Roger along with his wife Joyce are at this moment in time having a wonderful holiday in Puerto Rico.They text this morning delighted to say that The Indian Head is still open and Denis any Audrey fit and well.They were thrilled to see them again last night,the first time in a few years.We can certainly remember lots of great evenings in The Indian Head,especially on Saint Patricks night.Superb hosts and a lovely safe feeling when being there and all down to the great customers.great staff and of course Denis and Audrey,who by the way according to my sister in law,looks younger than ever.Good Luck to them both.xx

  35. Glen

    Hi folks thanks for all the support and comments, much appreciated.we now have a facebook page with videos and photos if you, like a look at the bar. You can copy and paste this link into the top bar.

  36. Glen

    There is also a fan club group if you’d like to join everyone welcome videos of some songsters and photos of our friends!

  37. Geraldo [Alias santa Clause]Him with the big beard

    What a DISASTER##### Have just heard the Indian Head is up for sale.What are we all going to do now at Christmas and Paddys, and other times that we all enjoy so much. But with tongue in cheek I hope they do not sell for a while yet, but if they do and have decided to retire, they DESERVE all our GOOD WISHES and THANKS for all the GOOD TIMES and HOSPITALITY that they have given us ALL over the last 14/15 years. Where will we all go now?. So once again, MANY thanks for everything that you have given us ALL, and may you have a VERY LONG AND HAPPY RETIREMENT, you have both more than earned it. Lets hope we see you all again at Christmas. Gerald. XXX.

  38. jim boylan

    hi glen we have been three times ayear for 14 years to indian head loved it could you let us know whats happining as we would love to see audrey janet denis before they leave lv jimmy peggy

  39. Fay & John

    Hi Audrey & Dennis just found this site you know we lived in Gran Canaria for 15 years and loved your bar & the hospitality especially at Christmas it is second to none we always sent our clients there from our apartments and they also loved it. All the times we came in never saw roaches or the like maybe on the shopping centre walkways but who can stop them. Most of the hotels have them anyway.
    Have you sold the bar yet as we know you have bought in the uk now and had decided to sell last time we saw you.
    Best wishes Fay & John

  40. peter @alice dunne'ireland

    hi dennis @audrey@janet very sad to hear you are moving 0n myself and our many friends spent many a happy time in your bar we just found out u were closing this morning so your fame has reached this cold and windy isle and you have many friends here who will miss your friendly welcomes i have just seen some of the comments dont mind the knockers in life no matter what u do there will allways be knockers just look back on all the joy u have given to so many through the years dennis if u are selling the picture of john wayne on the wall facing the bar will u e-mail me u know i have always loved that picture

  41. Glen

    Hi folks, Thanks for all youre lovely comments, The INDIAN HEAD has now closed, the doors closed for the last time in the wee hours of January 16th 2014. If you would like to reminisce there is a Facebook group with lots of videos and pictures in cyberspace.

    There is also a page you can like at

    Big thank you for all your support. On Behalf of Audrey and Dennis and Jan

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