How Much is Beer in Gran Canaria

If you want to know how much is beer in Gran Canaria, the answer is that it varies… a lot!!


If you want cheap beer, you can go to M&Ms bar in the Puerto Rico shopping centre where beer is a bargain at 90 cents a pint. If you find yourself at an upmarket restaurant or cocktail bar, you might find yourself being charged up to 4 and a half euros a pint!


Must be Happy Hour!

Must be Happy Hour!

The most common beers served in Gran Canaria are the local Tropical and San Miguel. I’m not a beer fan myself (can’t stand the stuff unless it’s used to make batter for fish or added to saté sauce) but apparently  both of these are good! If you don’t mind cheap beer, you can pick the cheapest of the cheap (I think it’s Dutch) in the supermarket for 17 cents a can!


  1. sara roden

    hi, really looking forward to touchdown on 3rd of dec, staying in maspolomas, cant wait to get away from the uk for a couple of weeks.
    That jugs looking mighty fine to me – get em in !!

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    LOL and for happy hour you get TWO of those!! 🙂

  3. tan

    am heading over to puerto rico with my 10 year old lad nd 3 year old daughter 4 the hole christmas and the new year can you reckomend any pubs that could be entertaining for the youngsters???

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