Is Gran Canaria Busy in December

It is incredibly busy here from about the 23rd of December until the 5th of January but fairly quiet outside those dates. If you fancy spending Christmas in Gran Canaria you should book your tickets soon since most of the accommodation is full and the travel prices go up if you leave it too long.



The exchange rates in Gran Canaria might be lower if you have been here before because the pound is very weak but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a great week. If you budget and decide how much to spend per day, you can do lots of different things like trips to Mogan market, Playa del Ingles, Palmitos Park Gran Canaria and more. There are also some very good restaurants and bars here which don’t cost the earth.



  1. Paul

    You are quite correct Victoria, people must think on! if they want christmas dinner on the beach this year (not any other places only just 4 hours from england you can do that) and book up from now as soon as possible.
    Although most of the hotels and the apartments operated by the tour operators will more or less by now be booked up,not to worry there are privately owned apartments that can be booked still.if you search around on the internet and they are more like home from home complete with everything you need even washing machines and dishwashers.

    Leaving christmas week aside there is also NEW YEAR to come for a week here, and have your new years dinner on the beach, and join in on all the free firework displays at midnight.
    Talking about Playa mogan area for accomodation there are plenty of privately owned apartments here as well. And also 3 bedroom family houses to rent in the valley.sleep 6 all upstairs in the bedrooms.(so peace in the evenings sitting on the balcony for the parents.) only 2 mins from the beach by car. They have dishwashers in, so mother gets a break as well lets face it (everyone is on a budget now), so self catering helps you to afford to come here, for the essential vitamin D to help you survive another years weather in england.Good quality wine here is very cheap from the supermarkets to sip on your balcony at night watching the sun go down.
    But as Victoria says there are many reasonably priced restraunts also.

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    I agree with you Paul. If you want a hectic, lively Christmas in Gran Canaria you might want to try Playa del Ingles or Puerto Rico. If you just want to chill out, relax and get some sun, Mogan is certainly everything you are dreaming of!

  3. Paul

    Totaly agree with you as well Victoria, mogan has everything, for families with young children and older people wishing to just chill out. We have a lot of british, irish, at the moment, middle age and older taking advantage of the upmarket peace here, and the cheaper time of the year as they are not tied to school holiday times.
    We also have the irish jazz band taking over the bandstand in the port coming regularly each year about two times per year i think! or maybe three. (ill check up on that)

    We do also have many middle age and swiss, dutch german and norweigen families here as well at the moment, in cheap time as i call it, The Norweigen government (so im told) pay the norwiegens to go on holiday 3 months of the year, to get some sun for health reasons such as there weather is. So they can survive the rest of the year in Norway being as it is we can not survive without vitamin D (sunlight) on our bodies , all do the self catering in private apartments here so they can afford to come everywinter for several weeks.

    Wish the government in england had done that for me in the past.

    Puerto Rico and playa del Ingles are certainly the livlier areas here if you want to party all night and so much fun at christmas and new year, especialy new year with all the firework displays going on.

    Personaly i cant think of a better christmas or new year, than coming to spend it here in gran canaria for all ages there is everything you could want.
    And the christmas processions in las palmas for the children on January the 5th, The children would never forget in all there lives so wonderfull for them an experience.

  4. Randi

    Paul, don’t listen to rumours! The Norwegian government do NOT pay the Norwegians to go on 3 months holiday. Dreams… Wish they would!

    In Norway we have 5 weeks holidays per year and got 10,2% of last years salary for vacation pay. People over 60 years got 12,5%.

    I’m coming to Puerto de Mogan in December and will stay over X-mas and New Year. Will stay in PdMogan for the very first time. Will stay in a private owned apartment. Cheap.

    Have had hols in Puerto Rico for the last 21 years (summer and winter). Simply love GC.

    Best regards from Senora Randi

  5. Paul Tinsley

    Randi, sorry for my mistake, i did say (so im told). But there you go i believed the rumours should not have done.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday in Mogan, and your change of 21 one years holidaying in puerto rico.
    It is different here than PR it depends on kind of holiday you want.I rent out for holidays well i will be doing from 1st of december when my property is ready to occupy. The swimming pool and gardens will be done in the next couple of months. So if anyone likes rural accomodation but only two minutes from the beach by car.Or likes walking down there.We will be fully sorted just after christmas with swimming pool as well .
    Best Regards ,

  6. Randi

    Hi again,

    During my 21 years in Puerto Rico I always have 1 or 2 daytrips to Mogan. I love the tranquillity and mix of locals and tourists. Will stay in old town. 4 weeks! Do I look forward to this? YES!!!!

    Best regards

  7. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Randi, I too had heard the rumours about paid holidays but didn’t think it could be possible! 🙂

  8. Randi

    Let me explain; 11 month normal salary and the twelfth month the 10,2% OR month salary if this is more. I have normal salary 12 month a year. So; in a way you can therefore say we have wages in holiday.

    This is interesting! Lecture in Norwegian social benefit. We should have free tickets to “heat & sun treatment” in wintertime. Where I live (the western coast) the winter is awful. Seldom snow (thank God), rain, fog and daylight only from 10AM to 3PM. Cheer for 4 weeks in Mogan!!!!

  9. Paul Tinsley

    Hi! Randi,
    well thats that sorted out then how it really is.
    When it snows in england it becomes warmer than with the biting winds and frost.
    You dont seem to get much daylight at all in the winter, how horrible you have it worse than in england.
    We like trips to Puerto Rico sometimes. I like taking the ferry to there,most of the fishing boats go from there, as you will know.There is more choice of going fishing from Puerto Rico than there is in Mogan.
    Best regards.

  10. Randi

    Yes, I use to take the ferry. Sometimes the bus.
    This stay I will go by bus 2 or 3 days a week for physiotherapy in Puerto Rico. I’ll rather stay in Mogan and go with bus, than stay in Puerto Rico once more. 21 years is enough.

    Tomorrow I will publish one painting from Mogan in my blog. Oh, dear – I love this little diamond!

  11. Paul Tinsley

    Just thought id let you know,if you like evening entertainment, absolutely fantastic night out. David Searle. who is currently singing at Rossini s in arguiniguin, has now started singing in a venue in the new shopping centre in Playa Mogan. Its totaly free, you just sit down and enjoy.Whatever you like David can sing it, From Opera, Classical, pop, you name it, he takes requests all night from the audience.

  12. Randi

    Thanks for the information.
    Most certainly I will visit this bar. This is just the kind of entertainment I like. Last December there was only a few shops in the new shopping centre. Can’t remember any bar.

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