Mogan Market

Every Friday about a thousand people walk past my desk (OK, at the moment about a hundred – see my what happened to the summer?! post). When asked “do you want to go fishing?” their reply is always the same.


“No, we’re going to Mogan Market.”

What is so popular about the market in Mogan and why do 99% of tourists seem to go there?!

Photo By CeesJW

I went along myself to have a look. My parents were over so I had my mother (who walks very quickly) holding one hand and my stepfather (who walks slightly slower than a snail) holding the other, so I wouldn’t lose them in the crowds (see my how to find a doctor or dentist in Gran Canaria post – great for mending dislocated shoulders).

What I Liked 

Despite buying very little I found that the market is pretty big. In fact, it’s very big! There are a lot of different things for sale including jewellery, souvenirs, Canarian pottery, Canarian cooking ingredients, Canarian homemade tablecloths, clothing, accessories such as belts and socks.

Sand Dishes
Dishes Made from Canarian Sand – Photo By Gennadiy Livinyuk

Puerto de Mogan is a beautiful backdrop to the market although possible more enjoyable on non-market days, i.e. any day apart from Friday. Called “Little Venice” by the locals, there are waterways and quaint little houses.

Feel free to haggle over the prices too. In fact, it is expected. Even if something is marked “5 euros” it does no harm to suggest, “give you 4 euros for this?” – sometimes it actually works!

Bandana Sale
Photo By CeesJW

What I Didn’t Like

At some stalls as soon as you pick something up the Moroccan (not all the sellers are Moroccan but a lot are) grab your arm and try to force a sale. A polite “just looking, thanks” doesn’t always work. Remind me not to shop in Marrakech.

Market with Taurito in Background
Photo By Graeme Bird

I couldn’t find one seat – not ONE! – in a bar or restaurant. It seems like every tourist in the south goes to Mogan market on the same day (well, the only day it’s on) and then they decide to all have a drink or lunch at the same time!

Never buy a suitcase at Mogan market, no matter how much junk how many souvenirs you intend to bring home. My ex other half (sorry, confusing!) did that once and we were standing outside the house waiting for a cab. He picked up the handle of his “yes it is Samsonite, honest, guaranteed for life sir” suitcase and – was left holding just the handle while the case remained on the floor. I won’t quote his response since this is a family site.


Other Markets in Gran Canaria

Don’t forget the same market moves around the island so you could go on a Tuesday when the market is in Arguineguín (same ferry, different direction) or on a Wednesday or Saturday to the Maspalomas market if you are staying in Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles or Meloneras.

How and When to Go

Mogan market is open from 9am until 2pm. You can get the Salmon ferry from Puerto Escala in Puerto Rico at 9.30am, 10am or 11am or the BlueBird ferry from Puerto Base in Puerto Rico at 10.30am or 11.30am. Ferries come back on the hour and a return ticket is 10 euros. It takes roughly 45 minutes to get there. Else you could get a taxi (expensive!) or the bus (packed with people with seasick tendencies) or walk if you are staying in Mogan!

Ferries return from Mogan at quarter to every hour until quarter to five. If you want to go to Arguineguín market, get the 11.15am ferry from Puerto Escala.  Coming back you can get the 3.15pm or the 5pm ferry.


Happy shopping and remember – don’t buy any suitcases!



  1. Val

    Victoria’s mum replying – I enjoyed above article, in fact I laughed out loud, much to Mickey’s (my cat) consternation as she was asleep – market was brilliant, still have large lime green bag I bought but well used and needs replacing. Keep doing these articles Victoria – informative, amusing and brilliant!!!

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    Well, bags are a calculated risk but NOT suitcases!! Glad you enjoyed the article.

  3. Ray

    very good. You`re getting very technical lately!

  4. Paul

    Its a nice day out for people to come to Mogan for the Market, As they can also get to see everything else that mogan has to offer.
    Browsing at all the yachts, sitting in the fishing port watching the fishermen go about there daily lives, trying out the lighthouse restaurant, sat high above the surrounding sea, So refreshing.
    Have a sunbathe on the beach. Go shopping for the fabulous shoes that Calzados Navaro has to offer (well known spanish chain of shoe shops)
    Browse around the estate agents dreaming, (although now in the housing market there are many, many bargains to be had). In the Playa or in the valley.
    Especialy in the valley 2 minutes away from the beach. Brand new 3 bed 2 bathroom duplexes for only 205.000 euros (on special offer )complete with communal swimming pool and gardens with fruit trees.And fully fitted kitchens, with only 5000 euros deposit needed. A Bargain!!
    Mogan being all on the flat, you can see so much of it in only one day after you have enjoyed the market. You can also get phone numbers of private apartments to book for your next holiday here.

  5. NewssyLee

    Thanks to you

  6. Paul

    There is also a new Boat called THE BUSSARD In Playa Mogan that you can charter for the day exclusively. Its an antique boat very romantic, where you are wined and dined on board complete with champagne out to sea. just you and your partner cooked a fabulous meal.

    And another modern boat that will take you all over the island to try all the golf clubs on the island. called Golf passion.It really is getting exciting here in Mogan all the new things to do starting up just now.Something for everyone to do really.

  7. Paul

    Also in Puerto de Mogan.
    there is an antique boat that you can hire for a romantic meal out to sea complete with champagne, for a very special occasion. Its called The Bussard, you hire it exclusively complete with staff and cook.
    There is also a modern boat called Golf Passion that will take you all over the island to try out every Golf course on the island everything is arranged for you to do this, travelling by this boat.
    Its getting very exciting here as to what trips are going to start up next. It can only get better and better here.
    The new modern medical centre has started to be built. And the new church is in the planning stage.

  8. Victoria (Post author)

    Sounds good Paul. I hardly ever go out in Puerto de Mogan and hadn’t heard of the Golf Passion. Is the Bussard the really attractive boat with the wooden interior and big sofas in the back? If so, I’ve seen it in the port. Looked really special.

    I think certain housing areas in Puerto de Mogán or Pueblo de Mogán are being rebuilt after the fire last year or is all that done now Paul?

  9. Paul

    The fire in Puerto Mogan only was the fishermens storage huts and local club social rooms.
    The insurance is paying out and they will have all new premises soon.
    This was a totaly separate fire caused by electrical fault in one of the fishermans storage huts.

    The Big fire that was caused by arson.

    In Pueblo mogan, Some were scorched thats all nothing really burnt down at all.
    The fire was mostly contained before it reached the village.
    There was one wooden house way out of the village that was completly burnt out and the Alcaldes house just down from it got a scorching, and just needed a new coat of paint thats all.
    But these houses were right at the top of the mountain way out of Pueblo Mogan, as the fire came over from the other side of the mountain. Most of Pueblo Mogan, right down to El Cercado, was totaly evacuated,
    All residents were told to book into the Cordial Hotel, for the night. all on the town hall paying.Was a treat for them all really. Just in case they could not stop the fire from reaching Pueblo Mogan. Some houses just got blackened by the smoke.
    The next day they all went back to there homes.

    Veneguera way out of Pueblo Mogan got the worst,near to to Pueblo Mogan, but you cant see much evidence at all of it there now.The Palm Trees all burnt, but they are very strong and they are still growing back, they have turned green again now.

    The Bussard is old and all made of wood, (in the old style of boats) fabulous to be on.I believe the food cooked for you on board is to die for.
    The company has two of them, one is in the dry dock being refurbished/varnished.

    The Golf Passion is very new and not been going long. But if you are here on holiday for the golf and do not know which golf course to try out.Its a very good idea to try them all out to see which you like the best for your next golfing visit.And what quicker way to do this, and having it all arranged for you and taken to each one speedily by boat.
    We also have fishing trips and dolphin trips going out from Puerto de Mogan.

  10. Paul

    The thing about Puerto de Mogan is is that it is a unique place,
    Its the end of the coastline for the road that goes all around the island.
    From here you have to start travelling inland to get to the next coastal area.
    So this makes Puerto de Mogan quite special and unique and mostly self contained. Only one way in and the same way out again, it also makes it a very safe holiday area. Even when the motorway comes through it comes through into the valley, so the port beach area, will still be in the same situation self contained. Plus it keeps it all a proper spanish village environment down by the port area, where most of the spanish live on the hills overlooking that area.
    The way they have built the Cordial Hotel (in the old fruit growing area) Is also unique, most parts of it all different as though it is a village all in its self all done in spanish style.
    And then for people who like to do it yourself.The new self catering apartments,attached to the hotel part of the same company Cordial valle apartments, go from the end all the rest of the way down the old fruit growing valley,
    and alongside the massive new shopping centre, which has underground bars and nightclub, and really big hiperdino supermarket of which stocks many english goods and foods. Everything you could want for self catering,
    So you do not even need to overload your baggage bringing all your toiletries with you , You can buy them here,and save paying extra baggage weight.
    It being a HIPERDINO supermarket the prices are reasonable as Hiperdinos are all over the island its where the spanish mostly shop all the time.Actualy i think its the cheapest on the island.

  11. Drew

    Great descriptions Paul.
    We always visit P d M when we come and it is good to see the old road had been modernised… used to be a difficult ride into the sun round the hairpin bends!

    Yet we have never visited the market! … we feel that it is often very busy and parking difficult anyway, and are afrais that it may be absolute chaos on market days… your opinion welcome Paul (& Victoria!)

  12. Victoria (Post author)

    I wouldn’t know about parking. I went on the ferry from Puerto Escala – 10 euros return and very scenic!

    Chaos? Yes! If you don’t like crowds, try the shopping centres on a weekday. There is nothing you can get from the market that you can’t get from other shops.

  13. Paul

    People do not realise that there is a very large underground carpark, access on the back road to the beach. And believe me it is VERY LARGE. if driving by car, get here by no problems at all parking in there, even later on on market day, Because the majority of people come by ferry, taxi or by bus for the market and even by coach from the hotels. The market stalls go from the town square all the way down to the lighthouse, along the sea wall. the rest of Playa Mogan is not affected much, although a lot busier on market day granted.
    The secret is to come early if you want the market, and then it is quieter by 2.30pm once the market is packing up.
    we all cant wait for the new motorway to be built and finished, it will just be about 10 minutes to puerto rico then from Playa Mogan. They are starting to build it just now, it will take four years, then i expect Playa Mogan will be even more than it is now a sort after place for holidays, and to live nearby. That hill road is a lot better now than it used to be they have even widened it a bit by filling in the road by the mountainside with cement,it now gives you a layby now and again if you break down, and more room to manouver if someone is idiot driving on it.We love it here living in the valley just two minutes away we have the best of both worlds, living in the countryside but with such a beautifull resort only 2 mins away.

  14. Drew

    Thanks for the reply Paul…didn’t know about the car park!
    Sincerely hope that the new motorway (wow!) doesn’t result in lovely PdM changing her lovely character!

  15. Paul

    The new motorway comes out of the tunnel through the mountains in the valley of mogan just past the petrol station and just before the garden centre, nowhere near the resort, And you will not notice it coming in on the old road at all.But then just two minutes out of the tunnel and you are in Playa Mogan.

    So dont worry Playa de Mogan itself will not be affected visualy at all. It just means that you will be able to visit more quickly and easily. And easier for people who live here to access the north of the island a lot quicker.

  16. Paul

    People always ask me IS IT ALRIGHT TO DRINK THE WATER IN MOGAN.?

    Well that just depends:
    In puerto mogan, pueblo mogan and surrounding areas up to Taurito, The water comes from 3 local underground wells in private ownership. we are THE ONLY place on the island who has these underground wells, Found by a local family who commisioned the drilling for them on there own land.Two are in little houses in puerto mogan and one is in the valley of Mogan. But still the family who own them say DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. They say they would not,there are very strong mineral deposits that our english stomachs could not cope with in it.and also bacterior as well due to the many people living here now.And MANY HOUSES are still not on a sewage system here yet. The pipework is in place the sewage plant is built. but nobody s old house is piped up to it yet. many are still using pozzers, which basicaly is a hole in the ground, built away from the houses. that then just drains away into the rocks. and who knows maybe into the underground water as well? Many houses all over the island are still on the old pozzer system particularly in the hills above the resorts. I managed to get on the new system when the road was widened up the valley of mogan, but it cost a pretty penny to lay the pipework myself and negotiate with the contractors widening the road to put it under the new road for me to connect into the new sewage pipe that is built all along the barranco here.All new properties here have already been put on to it.
    But as always its manana manana till the town hall starts digging up the roads to put every house on.

    Do not wash wounds with it either, use the oxygenated water that you can buy at chemists or the alcohol wash you can also buy. (This why they also sell these in the local spar shop as well.)
    the oxygenated water contains hydrogen peroxide one of the strongest bacterior killlers, but you may prefer to use the alchohol instead also kills bacterior.
    to help heal wounds use iodine from the chemists, it promotes very quick healing, and also kills bacterior.These are all old fashioned proven remedies, still in use today by the natives here, and cost very little to keep yourself safe with from infected wounds.
    In the area of tauro some water used there from the taps is actually desalinated seawater, Anfi have a desalinating plant. other used there is from the resorviors on top of the mountain.
    The rest of the island is from resoviors privately owned on the top of the mountains

    EXCEPT Vecindario . and surrounding areas. where you can actualy drink the tap water safely. But vecindario and the santa lucia area is the only area on the island that you can do that. It was only last year that they went on to a new desalination plant and all is tested regularly for purity.

  17. Paul

    I have just seen the plans in the town hall about the NEW MOTORWAY LINK. to PUERTO RICO FROM PLAYA MOGAN.
    It turns out that we will be driving on it into Taurito from Playa Mogan in two years time, That will be great, they are doing the slip road that will come from it right now into Taurito.
    Then the next bit into Puerto Rico will be another two years on top of that.
    I expect now that the valley of Mogan two minutes from Playa mogan. Will soon be full of houses for people to live in.

    The only 3 bed new ones that were allowed to be built (until the new general plan for the area comes out in two years time) Are now finished and ready for occupation,some are sold already,a few left for sale Caja canarias bank in playa mogan,is giving 100% mortgages on them.

    TWO OF THEM YOU CAN RENT FOR A HOLIDAY STARTING 1st DECEMBER next month. Sleep 6 (all in bedrooms upstairs, totaly separate kitchen with dishwasher and washing machines, full 4 ring hob and full ovens.

    At least it will not be like Tauro here, still waiting for the marina to be built.
    WE have ours here already as everybody knows how fabulous playa mogan really is.

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