How to Find a Doctor or Dentist in Gran Canaria

It’s a good idea to find out where the nearest doctor’s surgery is when you arrive… just in case! There are English speaking dentists and doctors around the tourists resorts of Gran Canaria and they are all qualified to the European standard. If you are looking for a pharmacy, there are quite a few. Just look out for the green cross. There is a list here of all the pharmacies on the island and when they are open.


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Insurance and E111 Cards 

If you have medical insurance or an E111 card, you will need to pay for your consultation and then claim it back when you get home. If you are over 65 or disabled, you will get free medical care here if you bring an E121 form. You can find more information on insurance here:

I pay for any doctor’s visits when I go (which is rarely, since I am a fairly healthy specimen!) and the same with dental treatment. I had a root canal last week which wasn’t exactly enjoyable but it was professional and cheaper than in the UK.

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Doctors’ Surgeries in Gran Canaria

Looking at just the South of the island, I can recommend the British Medical Clinic in Puerto Rico. Dr Paul is the only English doctor on the island. If you are staying in Playa del Inglés, you can try the Clinica San Roque in Meloneras (you will need to get a taxi but it’s only 5 euros or so).

Dentists in Gran Canaria

If you are looking for an English-speaking dentist in Puerto Rico, you can try the surgery I used which is called San Martín. It’s right opposite the main shopping centre. Alternatively my other half recommends Orinoco surgery but there always seems to be a waiting list! If you are in Playa del Inglés, you can try Clinica Salus Las Palmeras Dental Clinic which is in Maspalomas.

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Chemists in Gran Canaria

You don’t need a prescription for certain pharmaceutical items, including Ventolin (for asthma), antibiotics (all types) and birth control pills. The chemists in the tourist areas speak very good English and can recommend medication if you tell them where it hurts.

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If you tend to swell up a lot when the mozzies bite, you might want to bring some anti-histamine pills with you or buy them here. You can get mosquito repellent here too. For some reason they never seem to bite me (not that I’m complaining about that!) Apparently if you eat Marmite they will leave you alone too (bring your own because it’s hard to find here!)



  1. Eleanor


    Thanks for this website, it’s very interesting.

    You mention three dentists, do you know if any of them do dental implants. It costs a lot here in Ireland.

    Would you recommend any of the clinics in Gran Canaria for implants?

    Good luck with the site. By the way, I would like to give you my email address, but not to leave it on the website for all and sundry. I sent an email to [email protected], but it was returned, do you have an email address I can write to,

    Best wishes,



  2. paul

    Just to let everybody know. If you obtain the (new european medical card) from your post office in england. (Ex E111). Then wherever you are on Gran Canaria you can walk in any CENTRO SALUD (canarian state medical centre) any time day or night show your card, and NO CHARGE. The state medical centres are open 24/7 and are manned with fully qualified state doctor and nurse, And most speak english, (They are closed door at night, you just ring the bell and they will be there for you.)

    ALL have A and E facilities.

    Playa Mogan, behind the bus station.

    Arguiniguin, up the side of the new spar shop on the main road on the left.

    Meloneras, The new san roque private hospital is walk in for FREE to any (new european card holders)and any residents paying into the state system here. This hospital was built on state owned land, and agreements were made to treat state patients here including all tourists for free, As long as they have the necasery (new european medical card) All doctors and staff speak english.

  3. Paul

    NEW LAW.
    You can NOT now obtain antibiotics, (like you used to be able to) without prescription from any chemist here , the same applies to certain other medications.
    If you have (the new european medical card) EX E111. and you are in need of medications. Visit your local CENTRO SALUD, 24/7 And the doctor there will issue you with a prescription to obtain antibiotics etc from the chemists. (DURING THE DAY) You will have the consultation for free on the state, But you will have to pay for the medications in the chemists, (a lot cheaper on prescription from the local state doctor)

    If you take ill (DURING THE NIGHT) when most chemists are closed ) The local CENTRO SALUD doctor will give you the medications you need immediately straight away including extra antibiotics to take away with you to continue your treatment. As long as you can show him (the new european medical card) EX 111.

  4. Victoria (Post author)

    Thanks for that info Paul – all very useful (and a relief to anyone who is unlucky enough to get ill here!)

  5. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Eleanor, sorry about the late response, I only just got your message for some reason!

    Dental implants are about 1000 euros per tooth here as opposed to 1000 pounds sterling per tooth in the UK but the quality is the same.

    I only know one person who has had implants here and he used the San Martín dental surgery in Puerto Rico.

    Hope that helps!!


  6. Paul

    For inplants here ( i have had some) go to
    The owner speaks perfect english. Telephone 928149 701 or 928 795 896
    request to be spoken to in english.
    And they will answer all your questions.

  7. Victoria (Post author)

    Thanks Paul – can you check that link? I can’t get it to work.

  8. Paul

    Sorry Victoria it does not apear to work.

    But i have typed it in as normal and it comes up straight away.
    The site is only in Spanish though.
    I am there on Tuesday next to have my new teeth put on the inplants, well the last 2 anyway. then im done and finished with.

  9. Jennifer Yates

    I am trying to enquire about dental treatment in Gran Canaria. I was under the impression they had a dental clinic at Clinic Roque but I have had no reply (and I speak spanish!) Are there dental clinics in Gran canaria? I want to visit from the Uk for veneers, 3 or 4, and replacement crowns (2) and lower front teeth whi tening – want to know fees and length of stay needed.INFORMATION WOULD BE HELPFUL, CUNNING CANARY! Thank you! Jennifer

  10. Victoria

    I don’t know about dental treatment at Clinica Roque. There are dentists of course in Gran Canaria and they are cheaper than in the UK. I had a replacement crown for 200 euros at Clinica San Martin in Puerto Rico, tel 0034-928561321. I don’t know about whitening though. Try this one too:

  11. Eddie Basson

    Regarding dental treatment in Gran Canaria.

    My name is Eddie, and run a dental clinic in El Tablero. We speek: Danish, English, Spanish and German.

    For more information call 928 14 3221 or write to [email protected]

  12. valerie

    hi im also looking 2 find dentists in las palmas in gran canaria i am looking 2 find out about prices for teeth whitening and 2 veneers, any help is much apreciated tnx.

  13. William

    I have been going to Dental Stars since 2006.
    All work that he has performed on me has been of the highest quality. Teeth withening and venees included. I appreciate quality, precision and perfectionism. They will their best, I can tell you. Hope it helps you.

  14. caith kearney

    what is e121form and where do i get i and why do i need i c.kearney

  15. Beth Fiebelkorn Steenson

    Looking for a Canary Island Doctor I think I remember his name as Chico Chiscano (sp?) who trained at Grace Hospital in Detroit the same time I was a nursing student and my husband then was Byron Jenkins, who was a Laboratory tech student. Byron is still working, in Florida.
    Chico was a frequent guest in our home and cooked incredible dishes introducing us to olive oil cooking. At that time we worked at Grace Hospital Northwest Unit. Chico often said his dad owned and ran one of the largest hospitals there. This was around 1962 to 1964. My address now is 198 Lakeshore Circle, Oxford Michigan 48371 ph 248-212-0657 of course USA I have thought of him often, did he make it back to the Islands he loved and spoke of. I hope he is still living and able to remember his time here.

  16. Miriam Gargan

    Do you know where the nearest place to Puerto de Mogan to get a PCR test done? Many thanks.

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